Guilty Crown Episode 8 – Obligatory Beach Episode

Fuck this show

 I wonder if they’ll go to the beach next episode? And meet an all-girl rock band. And a perverted old man who will teach the protagonist about protecting his friends. And an adorable HAMSTER ROBOT. Who will reset time in the last episode!

– Cholisose

You know you’re screwed when sarcastic premonitions about what’s going to happen begin to manifest themselves in extremely lame ways.  And by the way, fuck this show in the ass with a ten foot dildo.  I’m now officially doing these for the sole purpose to make fun of this stupid show.

So, in this complex and deep episode of the animated masterpiece that is “Guilty Crown” we find our heroes and heroines partaking in a classic trope of Japanese animation.  Going to the mother fucking beach.

Yeah, and I hope you drown in it, you obnoxious little bitch

So like all great episodes of this show, this episode revolves around Gai and his merry men needing to get some random thing from some random GHQ place, and to do this they need Shu’s retarded, obnoxious friend’s Void.  How is this accomplished?  By going to the fucking beach.  All your favorite anime beach things happen, and by that I mean there are boobs and bikini’s, because why else would you want to go to the beach.  Plenty of pointless fanservice and shit like that.

I call bullshit on this stuff.  You can call me some crazy realist, but I don’t think girls are in public bathrooms groping each other’s boobs and feeling each other’s skin.  That may be what you’d like to believe but I don’t think it’s happening as often as it’s let on to be.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been in a public shower with a bunch of guys and complemented someone on their dick, and I definitely never wanted to feel some other guys skin.  But hey, if you’re gay, more power to you, and I’m sure there are plenty of yaoi fangirls out there who fantasize about guys doing stuff like this too.

Shit just got real
Shit just got real

Oh, and Shu’s Oedipus Complex is now 110 percent confirmed.  Let’s look at this: Shu has a hot mom, he calls her by her name, she walks around the house half naked, and her husband is dead.  This scenario says absolutely nothing other than “Oedipus Complex”, Shu killed his dad for dat MILF ass.

Oh yeah, the “plot” of this episode, I almost forgot; but can you really blame me?  This episode features a lot of Shu’s annoying “friend” Souta.  Souta is pretty much this shows version of that annoying military/film enthusiast from Evangelion, but is a lot more obnoxious.  Like Shu, Souta desperately wants to bang Inori, for the simple facts that she’s hot and that he likes her band.  But as much as Shu might not like his stupid ass, they need him to do whatever they need to do for the obligatory mission in each episode.  To do this, he has to allow him to go on some date with Inori, although why Shu couldn’t just take the void from him whenever he wanted and leave him back at the hotel with that huge gorilla man I’ll never understand.  And of course, when Souta tries to tell Inori that he likes her, Shu has to turn all pussy and pull out his Void to make him shut up.

“My entire reason for doing everything I’ve done so far, aren’t I so noble?”

Then the standard assault-on-the-base scene, and Shu tells Souta that he’s like a retarded young version of Larry David.  But becasue Souta is retarded, he doesn’t understand that Shu just said he hates him and acts like they just became better friends.


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  1. Even though I thought this show was alright (at least it has bug action scenes), reading these always makes me laugh and see how truly bad this show is.

  2. Coming and reading your posts always makes my day better. Anyway, yeah…GC…I mean, it looks good…that’s about it.

  3. Be sure to let me know when that robot hamster shows up and restarts time, or creates a duplicate universe or something of that sort. :>

    To be fair though, Japan does have a lot of beaches (what with it being a bunch of islands and all), so it’s not too strange to have a beach episode, especially for a group of teenage characters. (That said, the fanservice that tends to accompany these sorts of episodes is annoying at best… nauseating at worst.)
    I’ve been reading travel books on Japan lately, and apparently there are approximately 812 million onsen/bath houses in every prefecture (give or take a few billion), so now I’m not surprised that setting comes into play as often as it does as well. (That said, an anime can still be tasteful about it! I’ve seen it done once or twice.)

    • Tasteful bath house episode? Highly improbable.
      But it still seems odd that characters in anime are so obsessed with the beach. Whenever I go to visit my uncle in south Florida, the last thing he wants to do is sit around on the beach all day with my family, because he’s so used to being near it. Seems like it’d work the same way there…

  4. Miraculously, there was no big action scene this week.

  5. Oedipus Complex?! LMAO! XD

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