Guilty Crown Episode 7 – What Else can We Save?

Well, because of Thanksgiving I’ve been driving around the entire state for the past three days and I missed doing this episode on the day it aired.  That being said, it’s not like I actually missed anything important.

Although this episode wasn’t as bad about having nothing to do with the plot as some of the others have, it was still a typical blow stuff up and save everyone episode.  Really the only major thing that happens is that some family is going to back Funeral Parlor in their terrorism, and we see that Shu’s mom is a MILF.  Oh, and Gai’s still kind of a jackass.

Obviously, the first thing Shu would experience back at school would be classmates wondering where he’s been for the last week.  But apparently this can be solved simply by an attractive girl sticking up for you, because once she says that he was only interviewed, no one even thought about questioning why he would have to stay with GHQ for over a day to talk about a phone that he found.  And the yaoi fangirls, oh those yaoi fangirls.

“Because I saw this show… Hetalia…”

More supposedly “funny” questions are asked about his time with the military, and everyone seems to forget that he was arrested by a bunch of armed guards, which wouldn’t make sense at all if he just found a cellphone.  Anyway, Shu and Inori go home, but unfortunately his negligent mother comes back just as they are doing laundry and Shu decides the best way to not make his mom think Inori is there is to fall on top of her like he’s fixing to plow her.  But his mom doesn’t care because she’s a negligent drunk, and is glad that Shu’s completely understandable oedipus complex may be wearing off; actually that may be why we haven’t seen Shu’s dad.

Dat anti-jaibait ass

So at this point in the show, I was actually hoping a bunch of shit actually wouldn’t start blowing up, but I should have known – this is Guilty Crown after all.  Because the writer’s couldn’t find a good reason to have some big epic battle, they decide to have the government attempt to blow up a cruise ship filled with hundreds of innocent people.  After all, there’s no way that would be on the news, and there’s no way any citizens would question why the government would murder civilians at a party.  So what does a government wanting to massacre people do?  Give control over to  a rather obvious American parody.  And you know us damn Americans, we like it big, loud, and expensive.

Yeah, ‘Merica! FUCK TERRORISM!!

But who will save everyone on this random party ship in the middle of the ocean?  Shu Ouma, of course.  He and Gai are on the ship… well, because Gai’s an asshole, but he doesn’t tell Shu that.  He simply tells Shu he needs him for a mission, and Shu blindly follows.  After Shu runs around the ship like an idiot, bumping into the only two people on the ship that he knows, he gets a call telling him that GHQ is fixing to blow the shit out of the ship they’re on, and they need to leave.  But because Gai’s a jackass, he gets the girl who helped Shu at school, the daughter of the head of the family running the party, to stand on the deck so Shu can get her magic umbrella void and save the world – I mean ship.

We then learn that Gai was actually the one who told GHQ about the party, and got the head of the family to watch Shu.  So that means, he knew Shu’s mom would be on the ship, he knew Shu would want to save her, and he put everyone’s life in danger.  Kind of an asshole. Everyone smiles, save the world, support for Funeral Parlor, yay.  And then there’s this thing again.

I don’t think I’m really breaking any new ground by saying that this pink Menma girl is somehow related to Inori, and that she’s probably the person Gia was talking about when he said that Inori looked like “Her”.  That’s really about all that’s worth saying about this episode, other than that Shu needs to just stop going to school altogether and just stay with Funeral Parlor.  That would at least relieve this show at a lot of it’s attempts at comedy.


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