Fate/Zero Episode 9 – Under New Management

Oh those Women, they’ll do anything to be with Lancer won’t they?  Even if they’re already married and they know he’s just manifested magic.  Anyway, I thought this was a really good episode.  It had some back story about Lancer, had Waver and Rider, and answered one of the questions I had about the Fate universe.  I had heard before that Servants are allowed to change masters and this episode did confirm that, though I’m still not sure if the servants themselves can choose to change, which is what I think Archer wants to do.

Just a day in the life

Although Lancer’s background scene was relatively short it was pretty enjoyable.  Although I’m sure I missed some of it, but what I gathered from it was that he ended up having an affair with the fiance of his leader, and was banished as a traitor because of it.  Then they were supposed to leave together but she got killed, or something, I’m not sure and I should probably re-watch it.  But actually it was all just a dream that Kayneth had, so I’m assuming that Masters have some sort of deeper connection to their servants.

When Kayneth wakes up from his vision about Lancer, his wife tells him that his wounds were very severe and that because of Kiritsugu’s attack on him he’ll never be able to use magic again.  But she offers to take his spot as Lancer’s master in order to win the Grail and restore his magical abilities, which Kayneth refuses to accept.  So, the bitch decides to break his fingers until he either agrees to give her control of Lancer or she’ll amputate his arm, and since Kayneth is still sane, he gives her the command seals.  While Lancer doesn’t want to change his allegiance from his original master, he does consent when she says that her only goal is to heal her husband.  Obviously that isn’t true, and it may even partly be due to Lancer’s charm power or whatever it is that she wants so badly for him to serve her.  Lancer even says that she looks the same as the girl that fell for him once before.

The part with Saber, Irisviel and Kiritsugu is virtually non-existent and only serves to say that Maiya is alive and Kiritsugu is going after Kayneth.  Waver and Rider occupy the rest of the episode.

Finally, Waver contributes something to he and Rider’s stake in the Holy Grail War.  Because he sucks at magic, he decides to send Rider along the river to take samples of water at certain spots on a map.  He uses his beginner alchemy kit from Toys R’ Us to test for residual magic in the river to try to find where Caster is.  So, Waver discovers that an entrance to Caster’s lair is at a certain spot along the river and he and Rider set out to go kill Caster.  When they get there the show turns on it’s censorship dial once again as Waver discovers all of the dead children’s bodies.  Although Caster isn’t there, Waver and Rider do discover that (the) Assassin(s) are/is still alive, making them the one the only group outside the church other than Kiritsugu and Saber who know about it.

Kirei and Tokiomi are shown in a brief scene which can pretty much be summed up by saying that the church is concerned about Waver and Rider knowing about Assassin(s), but they decide it isn’t anything to get too worried about, and simply decide to observe Rider more.  You know, although I did really like this episode, it felt kind of short for some reason, but maybe it’s just because Waver and Riders scene was such a big part of the episode.  Yet, a lot of pretty important stuff happened, with Lancer’s master changing, Waver and Rider learning where Caster is, as well as learning that Assassin is still alive.  One thing that everybody seems to be excited about is that Rin is going to be in the next episode, though I’m not sure how much the show can feature a child who hasn’t really been part of the main story so far.  Speaking of that, when the hell are Kariya and his scary-ass Beserker going to come back?  He has literally been in two, maybe three episodes.


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  1. Correction: Kiritsugi is going after Kayneth, not Caster. Saber wants to stop Caster from killing more children, but Kiritsugi thinks that is small potatoes.

    The Lancer, Kayneth, and his wife are doomed to meet a tragic end, which demonstrates that history teaches us that nobody ever learns from history.

    Yeah, I’m eager to see Kariya and the Berserker get more air-time. They’re my favorite of the lot. 🙂

  2. It is not only dead boby, Waver expect to see dead body but it is artworks and furnitures make with human, so he can stand it.

    • His review saying dead body is an understatement, those are not only artwork and furnitures, but even musical instrument made from intestine, rather, a girl with her stomach split open, intestine as musical instrument and her head crush by Caster like an crushed tomato, and that’s only one part of it.

  3. Sola is NOT Lancer’s Master. She is only his mana supply and holds his Command Spells. The Master is still Kayneth because the contract was established between Lancer and Kayneth and Lancer himself is loyal towards his lord, he sees Sola as merely the fiancee of his lord.

    The story of Grainne and Diarmuid is pretty simple.

    Arranged marriage –> Grainne begs/threatens Diarmuid with a geis to leave with her —> Diarmuid’s lord Fionn gets angry –> sends his men to kill Diarmuid –> Diarmuid kills his former comrades, falls in love with Grainne, marries her and has children with her –> Fionn eventually accepts their engagement and gives Grainne up –> lures Diarmuid into a trap –> does not save him and Diarmuid dies. End of the story.

    Basically, it’s a similar situation for Lancer right now. Though Sola has the Command Spells now, I don’t think Lancer will do the same things he did in his past life. And you can’t force a Servant to love you, Slut-Ui.

    Btw, most of Caster’s victims are alive. Rider decides to be merciful and kills them. Enraged Caster incoming…

    The part with Kiritsugu shows again that he (openly before his wife) shows no anger towards Saber(there he is, the emotionless machine again…). It’s a new added scene to show his thoughts which were left out last episode. Wow, instead he’ll just ignore Saber. Good plan, dude. Good plan… -_-
    Funny, if Kiritsugu had killed Kayneth, they could have focused on Caster already, just as Saber wished. You reap what you sow.

    Rin next episode will definitely feature Aoi and Kariya, I can hear their voices in the preview. Also, I think it’s good to show scenes from FSN characters. Some scenes with Rin and Sakura are also one of the plot points for Kariya and/or Tokiomi, I guess.

    • Wait, most of the kids were still alive? If that’s true then this censorship is getting annoying, because I couldn’t tell that from what was shown. Doesn’t seem like Rider to not try and help them.

      • From the novel:

        ““Are there any survivors…”

        Waver said that in a dim voice. After surveying the surrounding deliberately with a glance which penetrated the darkness, Rider shook his head with a bitter face.

        “There are some of them who are still breathing, but……in that condition, it would be more merciful to kill them off.” ”

        Basically, the only thing that kept them alive was Caster’s magic. I guess they were mutilated so much, any try to help them would have been futile.
        That sadistic bastard of a Caster and his Master need them alive if their moans and screams are supposed to act as the sounds from an instrument, as anon above me already mentioned that partially.

        Guess I’ll have to wait for the blu-ray release to see Caster’s “atelier”. That pic here was from the Fate/zero Tribute Arts artbook:

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