Fate/Zero Episode 8 – Death Does Not Exist

Well, once again, Fate/Zero sets a bunch of pretty cool stuff up, then yanks the carpet out from under us.  Like the other time this happened, a bunch of people fight and in the end, it’s pretty much like it didn’t happen.  But there was a lot of blood in it, so we’re a step in the right direction.

While there are technically three fights in this episode next to nothing happens in Saber and Lancer’s fight with Caster, and most of the episode is spent on Kiritsugu and Kirei.  Kirei, also known as Wolverine, feels the need to come and join the fun, and while I suspect that he simply came under the churches orders to help kill Caster, Irisviel and Maiya decide that they need to take on a superhero mage-killer.  Not surprisingly Maiya gets the shit beaten out of her, because apparently she didn’t learn anything about fighting him the first time he attacked her.  Although Kirei tries to tell the two idiots that he (probably) just came to kill the child murderer, Irisveil decides that she wants some abuse too, and calls out her neon string falcon to help.

“Falcon, do a loop, barrel roll… scratch that – reverse barrel roll…”

And of course the show doesn’t have to courtesy to tell us what this thing is; all she says is that Kiritsugu taught her how to do it.  Although her magic bird manages to tie Kirei to a tree, that doesn’t do too much good, because instead of shooting him, Maiya sits there for thirty seconds and watches him break down the tree.  Then when he walks over to her she pulls her gun out, only to get kicked around some more.  Then Kirei moves onto Irisveil and questions her  about why they tried to fight him, but I don’t really see how he expected her to answer him when he was chocking her the whole time.  Then shit almost gets real when he stabs her with his wolverine claws and leaves her to die, which actually kind of caught me off guard.  But of course, the show delivers some back story about how Kiritsugu gave her some magic sword scabbard that heals her when Saber is near, and she lives to die another day.

You probably though Irisviel was dead… NOPE

Like  I said before, Saber and Lancer’s fight was really short.  Literally nothing happens beyond Saber making an opening for Lancer to destroy Caster’s book, and him cutting it.  After he does, all of Caster’s crazy tentacle monsters explode into blood and Caster gets really butthurt.


Then Caster pussy’s out and leaves in some big fancy blood explosion, and Lancer goes to interrupt Kayneth’s and Kiritsugu’s fight,  which pretty much consisted of Kayneth wandering around the mansion and some Kiritsugu back story.  In a flashback, Kiritsugu is show having his ribs removed, ground up, and put into bullets, which somehow does some magic something or other to a Magus, rendering their magic useless.  At first he just hits Kayneth in the shoulder, but then the mercury gantz ball stops the bullet which pretty much kills Kayneth fro the inside.

Just when it looks like someone may actually be killed, Lancer steps in and cockblocks the whole thing.  He appears, grabs Kayneth and jumps through the window, simultaneously flipping off everybody who wanted something to happen.  So Caster leaves, Kayneth get’s rescued, and Irisviel lives, so pretty much nothing happens.  It’s not like I just want everyone to die in a single episode, but I’m getting annoyed at this show constantly resetting everything to zero after these big fight scenes.  You know what? I’ll say right now, that no one will die before this “season” of the show is over, and it’s going to piss me off to have to wait until April to see the rest of the show.



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  1. The downside to killing off characters early is that you demonstrate how weak or irrelevant they are to the overall plot/story.

    By killing off Caster you remove a wildcard from the game.
    By killing off Kayneth you remove the most interesting master/servant combination.
    By killing off Irisviel you weaken Saber and make her a liability in future matches.

    I believe the entire anime is better off by heightening the tension between masters & servants, rather than be content with a generic battle royal that eliminates a contender per show. The more contenders are left the closer we get to the end, the more unpredictable it gets.

    So, the plot does not necessarily “advance” only with deaths or eliminations of the contenders.

    • I do agree with most of what you said, but I still want them to stop just showing us a bunch of fights and stopping them, when they could be doing more for the characters. I don’t necessarily want characeters to die, but if you’re going to waste a whole episode doing virtually nothing with the master/servant relationships, at least have some kind of pay off at the end.

      • Like Yggdrasil said, perhaps Kayneth is incapacitated & thus eliminated.

        I agree thatChanges should be enacted in each episode, and the fight with Caster was not impressive – but hopefully they did damage his Spell Book permanently. Also, I think Kirei’s encounter with the two women – as silly as it might’ve been – did result in his shock that Kiritsugi isn’t his carbon copy.

      • Yeah, I completely forget that woman said that those bullets would mess up a mage forever, so perhaps something somewhat important did happen.

  2. Well, after this, maybe Kayneth is not dead, but as a mage is finished. The flashback was very clear: the effect of the bullets is permanent

  3. Kayneth is crippled for life, both physically and magically, so yes, something happened.

  4. Uhm… Irisviel guessed right, when she said she knew why Kotomine has come. To see Kiritsugu. He is not interested in Caster and it’s not his task to interact in the battles right now. He is only supposed to use his Assassin for spying, that’s all.

    Irisviel stated what Kiritsugu taught her: To live. To survive. A homunculus isn’t supposed to feel hatred, fear; short: emotions. That’s what Kiritsugu taught Irisviel, who was just a puppet before she met him(episode 1, right at the beginning) As a member of the Einzberns, she’s a greater magus than Kiritsugu. The magic she uses is far better than what Kiritsugu can do. Kirei then stabbed her so he could escape Saber. And about the scabbard… It was a reference to FSN, I’ll just leave it like that.

    And I told you, the explanations of terms on the anime are at best mediocre. People wouldn’t understand terms like magic circuits and origin without LN knowledge or background information from Kara no Kyoukai or FSN(as I’ve stated in the episode 6 review before).

    Some important things already happened, as stated in the comments above. You got to see Kiritsugu’s power and he pretty much eliminated Kayneth. One could say, Kiritsugu cut off all of Kayneth’s limbs and made it impossible for him to cast magic any longer. He will surely die, since nearly all his internal organs are heavily damaged… if there is no one who could heal him.

    Another thing about no one dying… just be patient.(SPOILER) I dare to spoil that at least one Servant is out of the game at the end of December if that satisfies you somewhat. The fact that no one died yet, even though the wounds the characters took are already that bad, only hardens the assumption that the deaths will be even more cruel and gruesome. Of course one would normally feel different if you either know the outcome and/or just patiently read the LN.

    • As of right now, I don’t even feel like she’s a homunculous, because she’s never been shown before she became like she is now (well, she was shown veeeeery briefly). As I’ve said before I don’t really care that they’re not dieing, I just don’t want to watch a bunch of fights that, for the most part, have little to do with the plot if something isn’t going to happen.

      And yes, I did drop the ball on the Kiritsugu and Kayneth thing, completely forgot about the bullets being permanent.

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