Guilty Crown Episode 6 – Action Setpiece #7,932

Would someone please tell me why every episode of this show has to end in some big dramatic action setpeice?  It’s already really starting to feel forced.  Not only that, but next to nothing plotwise happened in this episode, save for a small scene with Gai and Shu.  And I refuse to believe that Gai survived that huge laser-canon-thing attack, no way in hell that happened.

Can it blow shit up? Yes. Kill people? Eh…

This episode also used a really stupid way to bring about it’s thousandth action scene.  Pretty much the only explanation that is given is that this thing that attacked Gai is going to destroy Japan if they don’t stop it.  Man, remember the days when satellites drew animals on planets and just wanted friends?  Also, as far as I can recall there isn’t even a reason given as to why it attacked.  So how do they stop this thing?  Obviously the most cliched way possible, destroy the reactor core!  Only they can’t touch it because it’s fitted with some type of unexplained lockout system that shuts off it anything comes into contact with it, so Gai decides that Shu will use the Gantz gravity gun to hold it while it’s hacked or something.

Yeah, that’s kind of how it works

However, Shu, being the ever normal person that he is, tells Gai that he doesn’t want part in his plan because he doesn’t want to mess up and kill everybody.  I mean, his argument makes perfect sense; he’s a kid who just joined and Gai is placing the lives of everyone on his success?  I think that kind of stress would get to anybody.  But of course, everyone has to be an asshole to him and tell him how selfish he is for not taking responsibility for the safety of everyone there.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?  So after Shu leaves the meeting, Inori comes out to meet him an uses that fact that Shu wants to bone her to get him to try to show him that Gai isn’t as perfect as he thinks he is.  But before that, we get to see our main villain… I guess?

Because I’m the bad guy!!!!!!!

This show is really going out on a limb to make sure that people hate this guy, and to prove that he’s evil.  He’s almost laughable how horrible they try to make him with no explination other than that he’s just an asshole.  We know absolutely nothing about this man, except that he’s bad, and apparently that’s all we need to know.

The scene with Gai and Shu was about the only thing good about this episode.  Gai, thinking Shu is Inori, tells him about dealing with the stress of being considered so important by everyone and how hard it is to uphold their expectations.  And just like that, finally, character development.  Shu is almost exactly like Gai, only Gai has the strength to put on a front of bravery and leadership while Shu isn’t even willing to be relied on where he’s needed.  They’re both put under a lot of expectations from everyone and must both find a way to bear it.  This maybe three minuet scene has pretty much been the highlight of the series, that’s how little character development there has been.  Then Gai tells Shu that he uses the member’s respect as a way to overcome his hardships, and Shu, in his most masculine action yet, finally punches Gai for being, what he considers to be, an asshole who’s having sex with his girl.

Your Masculinity is now 2!

After that, the show decides that it’s had enough character development and goes back to it’s normal action self.  Inori turns into a professional gunslinger and they attack the facility where the core is housed and Shu holds it in anti-gravity while the robot can hack it.  But then Daryl and his giant mecha bust in the room and shoots everywhere, but still misses Gai and Shu.  So instead of using his gaint machine gun to kill them, he talks to them for a while, then tries to attack Gai, who turns into Hei from Darker than Black.

And so, because the shell’s of mecha are connected to the drivers nervous system, Gai gets on top of it and shoots it in the neck until it dies.  Please tell me why anyone would ever connect the nervous system of a person to the mecha their piloting, it makes absolutely no sense to me.  I mean, it makes sense in Evangelion, but here they’re just robots, there’s no need to have the pilots, who aren’t even in the mechs themselves, feel pain.

After Gai kills Daryl’s mech, more cliched stuff happens and the Luecocyte falls out of the sky, and predictably heads straight for Tokyo.  And because Gai apparently knew about Shu’s pen, which when pressed causes the other Luecocyte to fire on it’s position, he takes it and attempts to line himself up with the two satellites destroying it and himself together.  But Kamina didn’t die until episode eight, so Inori “Deus ex Machina” Yuzuriha appears in some magical white vortex and gives Shu some huge-ass laser sword to shoot the Luecocytes down.

“Do you want me to think you’re cool?”

So Shu shoots down the satellites and saves Japan.  Yay.  Then we get some people who we dont’ know talking about stuff we dont’ understand, typical story arc closing stuff.  Not much happened in this episode, other than the one scene with Shu and Gai, so I don’t really have much else to say about it.   But hey, at least Shu punched someone, right?


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