Fate/Zero Episode 7 – Wild Gantz Appears

You know what?  I don’t even care that this episode ended on one of the most annoying cliffhangers so far, because I finally got see more of Caster’s crazy self.  Oh, and Rider being a boss.  But even if it did have Caster in it, it felt more like the first part of a really good episode.  It was still a good episode, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t have minded it if it had been an hour long too.

Although most of this episode dealt with Kiritsugu and Saber, and took place primarily in one location, first we had some more Waver and Rider bonding time.  Like most other scenes with these two, it involves Rider not giving a damn about anything except wanting to conquer the world, and Waver flipping his shit because Rider’s acting like a retard.  But all Rider really wants are some pants to go along with his new shirt that he ordered so he can go out in public like Saber, and Waver promises that if he kills a servant he’ll buy him some.  Since this scene was in this episode I assume that Rider and Waver will also appear to fight Caster next episode and interrupt everything like they did the first time they went to a fight.  And I don’t think that Alexander, the King of Conquerors, will take to kindly to Caster killing children.

Most of the rest of the episode is dedicated to fight between Caster and Saber.  While Kiritsugu, Maiya, Irisveil, and Saber are talking about going to find Caster, Kiritsugu says that they probably shouldn’t get mixed up in everything and should attack the Servants as they go to find Caster.  He makes a valid point, because most of the masters would risk anything for an extra command seal, and would likely fight each other just to kill Caster, and Saber really isn’t in any condition to fight a lot of Servants.  But of course, Saber’s noble knighthood kicks in and she calls Kiritsugu a bitchy coward for not letting her fight.  But it doesn’t really matter too much because before they can decide anything, Caster shows up wanting to, once again make Saber believe that she is Joan of Arc.

Pedobear would be proud

Caster also has a bunch of kids with him, with whom he wants to play a fun, innocent little game. he wants to play tag with them, and if he catches them, he’ll crush their fucking skulls in.  I really wonder how much of the stuff Caster does is never shown or is just censored for television?  So Saber obviously isn’t going to let him kill a bunch of kids because of her and goes out to fight him even with her bad hand.  When she finds him, all the kids but one are dead, who runs to Saber only to rip off Alien and have a bunch of tentacles erupt from his back.

Oh my God, the second Caster let that kid go,I knew he as going to die in some really nasty way.  Then a bunch of the same starfish/tentacle monsters come out of nowhere (maybe from the other dead kids) and grope Saber everywhere.  Saber fights with the things for a while but can’t get rid of too many because of her arm.  But, don’t forget, this show features the rudest Servants every and Lancer decides to drop in to save Saber, as for the reason, that’s for you to decide.

Then the shows decides that no one wants to see Saber and Lancer fight a bunch of deformed starfish, and switches to Kiritsugu and Kayneth’s fight.  But what in the world in that giant Gantz ball that he has?  It’s cheating is what it is.  Come on, it can cut through pretty much anything and protect it’s owner by it’s own free will?  I call foul, sir.  So after Kayneth and his giant crazy ball of mercury break into wherever Kiritsugu is hiding, we learn that Kiritsugu actually does have some magical powers, but Kayneth says they are nothing more than petty tricks that aren’t worthy of a magus.  After Kiritsugu evades the Hax Ball he shoots it with an SMG to no avail, but then pulls out that big-ass single shot pistol, and the look on his face says he knows that he’s fixing to win.  But that’s it, the episode ends there.

If the next episode continues the way this one went it should be a pretty good one, and maybe someone will die.  But as much as I do want to see one of the servants bite the dust, I think I’d be sad to see any of them go.  Oh well, there can be only one.


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  1. Good stuff bro. I enjoy reading your f/z reviews for some reason 🙂 And by far my most favorite servant is Berserker. He’s just soooooo awesome.

  2. Another exciting episode of Fate/Zero. I quite like how we’re getting confrontations for both the Servants and the Masters in this one.
    If the master dies, then the servant disappears, I take it? I kind of have a feeling that Lancer’s master is going to bite the dust, which will be sad if it means no more Lancer.
    And then Caster will probably escape. x_x

    • Actually, I’ve heard that in Fate/Stay Night Caster kills her master, yet is still able to live because she finds a new one, or something? I’m not sure, but if that’s true then maybe that’s what Archer wants to do, because he talked to Kirei about how he didn’t like his own master.

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