Fate/Zero Episode 6 – Gran Turismo

Well, I guess if you’re locked in a castle for your whole life, you have to play a shit-ton of Gran Turismo, either that or watch a lot of Initial D.  Or at least Irisviel did, because she drives like a damn Mario Cart character.  I thought it was kind of a weird way to open the the episode too, because it never really explained if they were going somewhere or just driving around, but I assume that they were going to find and kill Lancer to get the curse removed from Saber’s arm.  But it doesn’t matter, because finally Caster (and his crazy-ass voice actor) comes back into the show for the first time in forever and proclaims his love for Saber, or rather his love for Joan of Arc.

Who wouldn’t love this guy? 

So somehow Caster is tied to Jan of Arc, or the French Army, or something.  Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo that she was burned alive when she was only 19.  And at least they didn’t start a fight and end it two seconds later.  I’d rather see Caster save all the crazy shit I’m sure he can do for later.  Lancer and his master had their somewhat exposition-y talk about honor and whatever, until a fire broke out on the bottom floor of the hotel, and Lancer is sent off to fight Saber, which is never seen or mention again (at least not in this episode).  But that may just be because Kiritsugu blows the shit out of the hotel and pretty much levels the building.  Seems people in anime have a lot of money to blow on destroying buildings these days.  But yeah, I think we all know that neither Lancer nor his master Kayneth are dead, because that’d be a really lame way to die.  And then Wolverine makes a guest appearance.  So, yeah, I’m not entirely sure what he was doing with Wolverine claws but I don’t guess it’s that big a deal.

Caster and Ryuunosuke are back up to their crazy shit, murdering and raping children, you know, the usual.  So because Saber doesn’t remember Caster, he decides they should kill more children to piss God off or something and they go and kidnap even more kids that they already have with them.  I tell ya, I’m not sure I’d want to watch some of this stuff if they uncensor it on the blu-ray releases.  Obviously, the Church isn’t just going to let some crazy ass murderers do whatever they want just because they’re in the Holy Grail War, so they propose to have a collaboration with all of the servants and masters to kill of Caster before he can kill any more people.  Not so sure if people like Berserker would work so well in a group, but you never know.

“And then we’ll have a Saw marathon for inspiration!”

The last scene in this episode was definitely one of the better ones, just because Gilgamesh is such a pompous bad-ass.  He and Kirei talk about their motives for wanting the grail, and Archer calls bullshit when Kirei says that he doesn’t have any desire for it.  Then they ramble on about joy, sin, and pleasure, and about how much of a hardcore Catholic Kirei is, even thinking that joy is sinful, because joy cannot be achieved through noble means.  Archer then asks Kirei to observe the other servants and masters for him and he agrees, thinking that by doing so, he can discover why he subconsciously desires the Grail.

Oh shit… he didn’t say no homo.

This episode really skipped around a lot, so at least they’re trying to work on giving all the characters equal exposure.  Most of it was interactions between the servants and their masters, which I liked.  Slowly but surely the characters are becoming more that just a bunch of pairs teamed up the fight each other, and are having more interplay in their relationships.  I’m glad Caster is getting his time in the spotlight, even if it just to get himself killed for being an asshole, but still, he’s one of the most interesting (to watch at least) servants in the show.


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  1. A solid episode, even though there was little to no action/fighting.

    But at times I was thinking to myself — too much talking. Not enough plot advancement.

    The philosophical discussion between Archer & Kirei is interesting, because it’s a clear clash between noble morality and slave morality, but it needs to be balanced with more action (Initial D doesn’t count, and neither does an irrelevant face-off between Caster & Saber).

    The demolition of the building was less of a plot advancement and more of an empty action scene. I mean a rich mage wouldn’t just protect his floor alone if the demolition of the entire building negates that. So chalk it up to either to Kiritsugu’s ignorance or lazy writing. If it’s Kiritsugu then he’s not a good assassin and a foil for the other mages. If it’s lazy writing then it’s the creator’s fault.

    • Yeah, the building thing seemed to be more like Kiritsugu’s fault; just “Hur dur! Blow it up and they die!” But he could have done it simply attempting to remove Saber’s curse the only way he knew how.

  2. Easy answer to your firsr question: Iri and Saber are on their way to the Einzbern castle(people who watched/played FSN might remember it, it was Ilya’s base in the 5th war; you could say it’s the Einzberns’ main base in every war). The day starting from episode 3 is still not over.

    About Kirei’s Black Keys/weapons: You… have never seen Tsukihime or the Heaven’s Feel route, haven’t you…? Those are weapons used by the heretic hunters of the church and Kirei is an ex-member of this group(see episode 1).

    Oh, and @zammael: Actually, more talking is needed. The scene with Kayneth is needed to introduce Sola-Ui(yet another character, *sigh*) and to show that Kiritsugu is absolutely no magus. And Kayneth didn’t expect that. He thought Iri and Saber are attacking – not some crazy idiot who would blow up the whole building to kill him. The Holy Grail War is supposed to be a fight between magi and Servants, remember? Magi only fight magic. And Kiritsugu isn’t a magus, so he doesn’t rely on magic alone.

    The conversation between Gilgamesh and Kirei is also important, some parts were even cut and will be added on the bluray. The audience(or the reader) must see Kirei’s change from /zero to /stay night. This wasn’t the only long conversation between Gil and Kirei you will get to see.

    • I’ve never seen F/SN or played either of vn’s, so I’m not too familiar with any of the lore.

      • @TheNotakuBlog,
        I didn’t bother with F/SN because I didn’t think much of the central premise and none of the bloggers I subscribe to made much of it. Now that I’m following F/Z, those that did see F/SN say it’s chronologically set after F/Z, so what’s the point of spoiling yourself with who survives, and explaining whatever is going to happen with the events in F/SN?

        @Lorhand, Thanks for your comments, but they’re all based on hindsight. 😦

      • Definitely, I may go back and watch it, but not before finishing this.

  3. Those who watched Fate/zero are also already getting spoiled. The element of surprise is taken away if you watch Fate/zero first. Also, if you watch FZ first, you might wonder why some things are not mentioned in the FSN anime adaptations. I actually recommend everyone to play FSN(the VN) first.

    Because then you will understand all hints and allusions in FZ and then it will actually be more fun. You shouldn’t watch the FSN anime adaptations, they suck in storytelling and you won’t get the full grasp of the story, leaving you alone with so many unanswered questions.

    And yes, my comments are based on hindsight, but that’s actually obvious, since FZ as it’s a prequel, was originally for those who played FSN. As a stand-alone it’s good, but it will pretty much give you all the answers to your questions after you experienced FSN.

    Again, imo FZ isn’t a good way to enter the Fateverse. Some people are already complaining that Kiritsugu and Kirei(their emotionless actions and the lack of background information – at least for newcomers…) are compared to Rider boring characters, even though they are storywise one of the most important and most interesting characters. Though I can’t deny that’s it’s partially an error that will alway occur if you try to adapt a Light Novel. Many details(for example Kiritsugu’s and Kirei’s thoughts) are left out for obvious reasons. Too bad.

  4. Well, technically, people who haven’t watched or played Stay Night are going through the series in chronological order, so it’s just a different way to experience the series. You were talking about Kiritsugu and Kirei; why would I want to watch them later in the series where they’re more developed and then go back to the prequel where they’re kind of boring and not as important?

  5. Well, since it’s chronological you can obviously watch Fate/zero first, but I don’t recommend it(in fact, reading the LN is also way better, anime-only watchers will understand the least). If I were answering your question right now, I would spoil the whole series to you. You basically know the end of Fate/zero already if you play FSN first, but, well… how shall I say it… As I’ve already said before:

    The change is important. Especially if you’ve seen how all the characters are in FSN. You don’t get any background info about Kirei if you only watch the anime. Basically, fate/zero is the best addition to FSN’s last route and because you are watching zero first, you were already getting spoiled without knowing it. If you really want to know what twists are missing because you’ve seen FZ first, you can read the major spoiler at the end of my comment.

    (Minor Spoiler)Do I have to mention that Kiritsugu and Kirei are the protagonists of FZ?:p And they won’t be in FSN. (minor spoiler end)

    I already said it, but they are the most complex and interesting characters of FZ. The LN narrator is omniscient, which helps a lot, but the FZ anime can’t show their inner thoughts, which is why some fateverse newcomers are already complaining how uninteresting they are after people told them they are the protagonists(You can’t really call neither of them an antagonist imo).

    I repeat it again, FZ was originally for those who played FSN first. People do not focus on Kirei or Kiritsugu if they don’t know their importance. But I must admit, it’s not easy to understand them without any background information or an omniscient narrator who can explain their thoughts in detail.

    And as much as I want to explain it in the forums, I would spoil everyone to death if I do that. FZ is good for newcomers. But it’s very good for those who played all 3 routes of FSN, especially the last route. Btw, there is a reason why it’s called Fate/zero and why there is a countdown. Imagine what happens when the timer reaches zero.

    P.S.:Now that I’m writing about more details in the LN… I am really wondering how ufotable wants to explain the audience what magic circuits, magic crests and origin are. The explanation of the Holy Grail War and the Servant system was only… mediocre. Have fun googling. :S

    So what twists are missing by watching FZ first? Well…

    For example Sakura’s role in FSN. Unbelievable, but she’s the last heroine in the last route. You basically already know her past by watching FZ first. And if you only watch the anime, you might wonder why she is only a background character in the first two routes, even though her past is so tragic and the fact that she actually needs help. Kirei and Ilya also get a lot more focus in the last route. If you watch zero first, you won’t ask yourself anymore why Ilya hates the protagonist and already know the fact that Kiritsugu is her father(which again is kinda boring). And you will also already know who the big bad is… Gil’s appearance won’t be a surprise either, you’re kinda expecting his appearance if you’ve seen FZ first. And you will also already know that Saber’s wish is futile, since the Grail won’t fulfill her wish. As I’ve said before, the element of surprise is gonna missing.)

    • First of all, I’m not going to go hunt for a VN torrent and then for an english patch when I could just watch F/SN, and I’m sure there are translations to the light novel out there, at least there probably will be after this. Chronological or not, there will be surprises. You said, Ilya is in F/SN? I didn’t know that, and if I watched it after this, it would have made sense to me. Like, why would I watch End of Evangelion before I saw the show?

      • Ehm, you’re comparing apples with oranges. And I already said it two or three times. Fate/zero is originally for those who have knowledge of FSN. People CAN watch FZ first, but it will make more sense to you if you experience FSN first than vice versa, just believe me.

        Fate/zero is the prequel. And the anime is full of flaws and plotholes. There’s a reason why people who played the VN say it sucked, since there is a high chance to hate the protagonist(because of the lack of character development and his inner thoughts. Honestly, I don’t know how it was possible for DEEN to fuck that up. The first route is the shortest one and they had 24(!) episodes time and still couldn’t do it very well.). I don’t want to force anyone to download or buy the game. You could even watch it on youtube if you want to(www.youtube.com/user/XerBlade). And I’ve said it before. There are three routes. Three different ways to tell the story of FSN and each route will reveal more and more details. That’s just how the game is built-up. The anime follows mostly the first route, mixing it with the other two routes a bit. You won’t get the true full grasp of the story and there will be lots of confusion, I can guarantee that.

        And this is a minor spoiler, but I already talked about the changes from FSN—>FZ. It’s just my opinion and taste, but personally I think too many, well… “kids” were involved in FSN and that was starting to annoy. The fifth war didn’t have a real impact of “war” on me. FZ on the other hand could be seen as the complete opposite(and in the fateverse at least, it is said that this war – the fourth heaven’s feel(FZ) – was one of the greatest there have ever been, probably also because of the heroes that are involved). Besides Waver, every involved Master is an adult, there might be some psychopathes and crazy people all around(including the protagonists), but this war really DOES give more the feeling of a war, it’s a lot more serious and tragic.

        Btw, the game is 3GB big. Voice patch and english patch already included. You only need to download one patch from waku waku for more CGIs if you want to. Not a big deal, if you ask me. And the light novel is fully translated since half a year. It’s up to you or whoever else to decide whether they want to download the VN/LN or not. But people will at least be more understanding towards the characters’ motives and actions who seem boring adn brutal on the first look, but actually have way more depth than anyone else’s.

        I can understand your point to watch it in the chronological order and won’t comment on that anymore. It’s just that newcomers ask so many questions after only the first 6 episodes, even though these scenes are supposed to give you the answers that were left unanswered after FSN.

        Well, that’s enough for me for today, see you around.

      • Well, you seem like a reasonable person, so I’ll take your word for it about the chronology, but still we haven’t seen the whole series so it may fill in wholes the novel didn’t.

  6. Okay, THAT’s definitely my last post for today(damn, why am I checking my e-mails before I go to sleep? ;D):

    Just read my last comment again. I think I made a misunderstanding. The FSN anime is full of plotholes, not fate/zero. Fortunately, there is only “one” route in FZ, so to say. And it’s ufotable(I love Kara no Kyoukai btw) – they are(obviously) skipping lots of stuff and some stuff might be added later, but generally the only problems are the elaboration of the characters, which is absolutely normal when you try to adapt Light Novels. People are complaining about the FSN adaptations(even though it seems like that made typemoon even more popular and known, so generally the anime wasn’t that bad economically – it would sound like an insult if they were planning to make a FSN remake). I was complaining about the FSN anime all the time.

    Nah, Fate/zero gives you all the last bits of information you need to complete the Fate story(some people might say Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is also needed, but I don’t think so, it was more like a fanservice-sequel). And actually the FZ anime also fills the gaps Urobutchi (probably accidentally) made in the Light Novel. For example, people who read FZ didn’t know that Kariya used a catalyst to summon his heroic spirit, he didn’t summon THIS Berserker by chance.

    Since ufotable can skip some unimportant scenes(at least for them – although some scenes will be added later), they can also add some scenes that might be interesting for the Light/Visual Novels readers(including me), as Urobutchi mentioned it in an interview.

    Anyway, I wish you fun with FZ first and FSN afterwards. Hope you won’t get too many spoilers. I can only say that imo the FSN anime sucked, but you might understand my disappointment after comparing ufo’s FZ and DEEN’s FSN.

  7. Loved the opening Mario Kart scene. “She’s a maniac, maniac at the wheel. And she’s driving like she’s never drove before.” (Guess it doesn’t rhyme that way.)
    Other than that it was definitely a serious business episode. I was a bit confused by Kirei’s meeting with Archer, though. Why was Archer meeting with Kirei? And how? And wasn’t Kirei trying to keep it a secret that Assassin was still alive? Wouldn’t Archer want to kill Kirei?

    • Both Kirei and Archer’s master, Tokiomi, are involved with the church, so it makes sense to assume that they are currently working together to win the war.

      • Yeah, I was watching ep 1 again and saw they’re secretly a team. There was a lot to remember in that first episode. >_>
        I’m guessing Tokiomi’s family is associated with the church somehow then? (And what church exactly is this? Looks Catholicish, but they said Kirei had a wife…)

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