Guilty Crown Episode 4 – It’s… Collateral Damage

Well, I predicted exactly how this episode would play out, so that’s all I have to say about how simplistic this show’s plot is so far.  Shu goes to prison and is told by the creepy purple haired guy about Gai’s organization, and that he shouldn’t trust him, and every other generic thing to confuse Shu about what he should do.  And the guy actually raises a valid argument about Gai’s motives for doing what he is, because so far no he hasn’t said anything about their main goal, other than to free the people from the evil government.  Speaking of which, the Creeper shows Shu the research facility for the victims of the virus and why that guy from the last episode betrayed him; to help pay for his brothers treatment.  Then, the facility receives a message from Gai about how they’re going to rescue some crazy murder, and obviously Shu in the process.  They then proceed to blow the living fuck out of the hospital, prison, and research facility.  Such idealistic terrorist.

Mission accomplished! And only $9,000,000 and 3000 lives lost in the process!

Seriously, this has got to be the richest terrorist organization ever.  They obliterate this place, you know, the place with thousands of bed-ridden virus victims and innocent staff members?  All just to save some crazy Hannibal Lecter look-a-like.  So why did Tsugumi have to hack into the building if they were just going to blow the shit out of it?  What if they had killed the prisoner in the process, or Gai, or Shu?  It’s fucking retarded to conduct an all out assault on something that should have been done with a simple stealth mission. Say what you want about Lelouch, at least he wasn’t a complete retard when it came to planning stuff.

So Shu tries to have some common sense in this episode, but it leaves after he knows his slampiece is there as well.  At first he tells Gai that he’s not going to help them anymore, and why should he?  It’s their fault in the first place that he got put in prison.  But then, Inori comes, and everyone knows that you don’t do anything that would separate you from a hot lady, so he takes all of his common sense, throws it out the window, and runs after Inori through the collapsing headquarters.

“Just wait until the end of the episode, kid.”

So please someone tell me; what in the hell is Inori?  She has got to be a goddamn superhero or something, because she’s running on skyscrapers and leaping stories upon stories into the air, all while avoiding all the shit that’s being destroyed around her.  She’s pretty much Japanese Wonder-Woman, she’s even got a cool Phoenix costume too.  So, after Shu runs to find her, he pulls a Gantz gun that reverses gravity out of the murderer and shoots all the mechs.  Then he does… something, shoots a fountain, I don’t know, and floats up to her, grabs her boobs, and uses her sword to create even more property damage.  And obviously he joins Funeral Parlor at the end of the episode, like everybody knew he would.

Damn it, Gantz! Quit fucking with me!

So maybe Shu has decided to show a little bit of determination, even if it is just to have sex with Inori, at least it’s something.  But fore the love of God, please start to develop the story and characters now.  Shu is with the others, they can interact, the story can actually begin, please don’t make me have to drop you, Guilty Crown.


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  1. I think it’s a bit of expectation bias poking out here and there. To say at the very least that the protagonist is not going to be dragged out and shot 4 episodes into the series does not require some kind of visionary prowess. Having that said, I was quite frustrated with the generic plot development in the first three episodes, but hey, it’s two-cour, three poor episodes can be permissible.

    If anything speaks volumes about where things are headed, it’s the eyes of the characters. Inori exhibits some emotion – nothing that suggests that she’s a complex and multifaceted character, but I’m desperately hoping that she has some more depth than just being an attention-seeking girl with a tragic past who desperately clings onto a guy who respects her. That definitely needs some work – Inori has a nice design, and I would love to see her become a truly memorable character and not just a centerpiece for fanservice. Shu, on the other hand, shows a bit more promise. He’s no Lelouch, but perhaps that’s the point. He is staking out his own moral claim in the battle here: even though it is evident that he can’t just go back and act like nothing happened, he also isn’t fighting for Gai. Why do they take the time to develop the Major as a reasonable individual who spends half the episode giving life advice to Shu when they could have easily ridden the loony wave to create that dramatic and obvious difference between the good guys and the bad guys?

    I think that answer isn’t immediately evident – Gai’s invocation of Kamina falls in line with what Galty told him. In a world of knights and knaves, Shu realizes that they are both the same, which is why he could’ve easily destroyed the pen-transmitter-thing to join Gai in his destructive frolic but chooses not to. Honestly, after almost dropping this show last week and having done my share of nitpicking on the negative, I also see that they left some subtle areas to break out of the predictability.

    I might be wrong, but I enjoyed this episode for creating painting a morally ambiguous scene.

    • Ehhh, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Inori being anything more than fanservice. Shu, on the other hand, could actually be an interesting character, because he’s not a complete dumbass who does everything he’s told without thinking about it. Like you said, he doesn’t destroy the transmitter, but doesn’t use it, because he still isn’t sure about everything that’s going on, but he’s not going to be an idiot and blindly trust the people who got him involved in it in the first place.

      • I think Inori would be a genetically manufactured weapon. Remember the stuff they said about Voids that they’re also based on the genetic make-up of the person and not just their personality. Also when that girl in the mech said what did Shu “do” to Inori kinda hints that Inori wasnt supposed to have emotions

      • Makes sense, maybe that’s the reason her void is so badass compared to all of the other stupid voids people have.

  2. I just can’t resist watching this… trainwreck. 🙂

  3. I like this anime a lot I don’t understand the hate on it, but then again I don’t watch much anime either so I don’t have high expectations.
    And they have to copy off somewhere, all anime does in some way.

    • Well, if you don’t watch much anime, then you wouldn’t know that this (as of right now) is a pretty generic show. But most of the contempt stems from it’s star-studded production team, and that they’ve come up with such a mediocre anime.

  4. This ep kinda reminds me of Gundam Seed and Kira’s first few episodes where he was still hesitant on fighting the war.

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