Fate/Zero Episode 5 – Finishing is for Losers

My God, doesn’t anyone let anybody finish anything anymore?  Surely these ancient kings were raised with enough etiquette to know that you don’t interrupt someone when they’re in the middle of something.  First, Rider crashes down in the middle of everything, and interrupts Saber and Lancer’s battle, just so he can ask them to help him conquer the world.  Then, after they decline, Rider decides that this place could use some more people who don’t need to be there and pretty much says, “You’re a pussy if you don’t come here” to all the servants.  Well, Archer is not one to be called a pussy, so he decides to show up and explain how amazing and perfect he is, while everyone else is completely unimportant.

After Archer finishes his speech about how cool he is, more people who don’t need to be there show up.  Finally, the show recognizes that Kariya is in fact alive, and his servant Berserker shows up to prove how much of a BAMF he is, and that he is.  After he completely owns the shit out of Archer, Tokiomi, Archer’s master, interrupter even more stuff, by having him retreat, thereby leaving another battle unfinished.  Then, Berserker gets in the middle of Saber and Lancer’s fight by bum rushing Saber with a giant metal pipe.  After that, Lancer stops there fight, wanting to kill Berserker so he can honorably finish his duel with Saber.  But Lancer’s master screws stuff up even more, and makes Lancer fight along with Berserker to kill Saber by using one of his three command seals.  BUT THEN, Rider plows over Berserker and stops the fight between Saber, Lancer, and Berserker.  Then, Lancer decides to retreat, and Saber feels the need to taunt us even further by saying stuff like “This is just the begging of the War”.  Bitch.  So let’s look at this:

  1. Saber vs. Lancer – ended by Rider
  2. Archer vs. Berserker – ended by Tokiomi
  3. Berserker vs. Saber – ended by Lancer
  4. Lancer & Berserker vs. Saber – ended by Rider
  5. Saber vs. Lancer – ended by Lancer

Come on, have some courtesy people, let the guys finish what they started.

“That was close… I almost let something happen.”

God damn, what a teaser of an episode.  Cool battles were continuously stopped, and not much happened in the development of the story, other than that Kariya still exists, and Caster wants to mount Saber.  Speaking of which, that was a weird scene, and whoever voices Caster is a crazy motherfucker, or at least his voice sounds like it.   But, I’m going to go ahead and make the assumption that not many battles will be completed before the shows hiatus after episode 13, in fact, I’ll go so far as to say that the only time any servant will actually be killed, if at all, will be the climax of episode 13.  And once again, almost nothing is shown about Kariya and Ryuunosuke and their servants, other than that they’re still around and are still aware the war exists.  Almost no plot development, and a bunch a fights that were prematurely ended just so the show can tease us to watch more.  Well… you got me.



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  1. Wait, you actually want one of the 7 servants to die in episode 3? with 21 episodes to go? I thought this was the perfect set up to the rest of the series. Establish how tough everyone is, remove the element of surprise, and allow strategy to play a factor down the line.

    • No, not necessarily, but I don’t want them to play their hand too early and introduce a bunch of servants and their powers. Like, say the next two episodes were nothing but the servants fighting, but none of the battles were ever finished. That would remove all the suspense about how strong a certain servant, or how intelligent a certain master is. Not to mention, there’s never really any plot development during battles. (This is episode 5 BTW, almost a quarter of the way done)

  2. I wonder if the show’s creators had the balls to go against the premise by having Iskandar lead a faction to betray their masters and attempt to take over the world. Had that taken place, would you call it “plot development?”

    Sometimes plot development comes at the cost of other things like characterization and mood/thematic establishment.

    Sorry I forgot the episode number. For some reason it felt like episode 3 or I’m watching too many other anime shows this season.

    • Well what I said about plot development didn’t come out right. The basic plot of the show is pretty basic, but the main the that I like about this show are it’s characters. So I don’t want them to just lump them all together, I hope they concentrate on each individually and don’t just dump them all in one scene just to have a cool fight

      • I just watched it again after downloading the whole thing (frame rate doesn’t suffer as much) and realized that the key to the pace is properly using the master’s 3 seals, not the number of characters (masters/servants). Those seals indicate a conflict of interest between the masters/servants which both heighten the drama and helps characterize each.

      • Which was why Lancer didn’t want to fight Saber with Berserker

  3. Ep 4 and 5 Rundown:
    Saber’s so cool!
    Lancer’s so cool!
    Rider’s HILARIOUS. And awesome.
    Archer’s fighting style is *really* really cool. (I realize it probably isn’t new to those who’ve seen F/SN, but WOW. A friggin’ portal to a whole dimension of endless exploding weapons.)
    Berserker is scary holy crap what is he doing stop that Berserker oh my gah he’s unstoppable.

  4. lancerzero123@xmail.com

    Berserker making an ass out of Archer = PURE EPIC WIN.
    That is all

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