Fate/Zero Episode 4 – Party Crashers

Well, I for one definitely thought this episode would be a big cliffhanger fake-out, where they would just have Lancer leave before the battle began, or about 10 seconds after it started.  Surprisingly, they didn’t do this… or at least they waited a while to do it.  But either way, after 4 episodes we finally get to see some action (and some more exposistion).

Since most of this episode is just Saber and Lancer fighting, there isn’t really too much to say about it.  But, holy shit, did it look good.  As good as the animation has been for this show, this first fight is even a step above that, rivaling even Guilty Crown’s animation.  It’s not really a short scene either, I mean, it’s pretty much the entire episode, even if it isn’t completely non-stop brawling.  It’s pretty fluid, it isn’t just a few angles, and a lot of shit gets blown up, so it’s a pretty successful fight.  And while all this is going on Kiritsugu is still being an asshole.  Because he left Irisviel with Saber, Kirei and the church now think she may be Saber’s master, and are intent on watching her from now on.  So not only is he cheating on his wife, but he doesn’t really care that she’s mistakenly involved in the War.  What an asshole.  Not to mention his wife is a White Mage and can cheat by healing people in a one-on-one duel.  Why would you not want to be married to a White Mage… well maybe that other girl is a Red Mage, which everybody knows are 5000 times cooler, because they have a Vash coat and a red witch hat.

We also get some annoying exposition once again, but I guess I should be used to it by now.  They talk about magic swords, spears, armor and other stuff that really isn’t too important, but they feel you need to know things like; that Saber removed her armor because Lancer’s spears would pass through it.  Well, no duh, if it’s already been established it’s useless against his attacks, there’s no reason to have another character going:

“Oh, I see that you have noticed your magical armor does not block my magical Noble Phantasm, so you have removed said armor because the benefits of not wearing it now outweigh the advantages it would give you if it were in any way effective against my Noble Phantasm. You clever wench!  It is an honor to duel with such an opponent! Did I mention I have two Noble Phantasm’s, and you can’t recover from the wounds one makes?” – Lancer

Oh, Lordy, why the need for so much exposition?

Sorry, but “As good as” just doesn’t cut it

So just as everything’s about to get good and someone is about to get killed, Rider and Waver remind us that they are still watching what’s going on.  And because Rider just wants to have fun and fight people, he feels the need to crash the party and stop them before one of them is killed before he gets a chance to duel with him… dick.

“Come at me, Bro!”

Well, even if there wasn’t much advancement in the plot it was still a pretty good episode, with some bad-ass animation to boot.  All the servants have been officially introduced, but the issue of screen time still concerns me, as it’s been two episodes without anything from Kariya or Mr. Murder.  But still awesome nonetheless.


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  1. The exposition is from the original visual novels. And this is a major tone DOWN from the VN, where the exposition goes into Purple Prose land.

  2. Kiritsugu is not cheating on Irsiviel. Note that he has been mentioning about how servants are tools and believes that it is necessary to remain unfeeling and undetached in order to win the war. Maiya decided to kiss him after he was maybe having a slight break down in mentioning that Ilya weighed less than the gun despite her age. In addition to being his assistant, Maiya is probably there to make sure he fully concentrates on the war.

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