Guilty Crown Episode 2 – Let Me Think Abou-NO

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Ew, engrish  in the opening, but other than that… meh.  This kind of felt like the second part of what was supposed to be an hour long episode, but I guess Fate/zero already took that spot up.  Come to think of it, this is just like the second episode of Code Geass, where Lelouch helps the rebels fight of the army in that destroyed part of the city.  Seems like this show is taking a lot of cues from Geass, I wonder why…. (writer…).

One thing that this episode made clear, is that Shu wants absolutely nothing to do with any of this.  First, Gai tells him what has happened to him, and Shu says it isn’t fair that he should be forced to help them (Since they are considered terrorists).  Second, after Shu succeeds in executing Gai’s plan and saving him from being killed by a bunch of slow-ass laser cannons, he still doesn’t join them.  That was actually kind of surprising to me, obviously I expected him to become their new teammate and help them save the world from the evil government, but Shu actually sticks to his common sense. I mean, if you see a scene in an anime when the obvious good guys ask the main character to join them, and their leader extends his hand in a friendly, welcoming fashion, you don’t expect him to turn it down.  At least Shu is a realistic character; I know people always whine about wimps and pussies in anime, but they’re much more realistic than a character from a Bleach-esqe anime who’s willing to risk his life to help a single person, whom he doesn’t know.  You may say “He’s an idiot! There’s no way I would turn down a chance to be a superhero and have sex with Inori!”  Well, I think if that price came with being a human weapon, and potentially dying for something you may or may not believe in, you may be a little slower to jump aboard that train.  And besides, doing it with her would probably be like doing it with a blow up doll, only softer.  But, obviously, yes, he’s going to join the damn Funeral Parlor, and become less of a loner, and save the world… or destroy it (Shinji).

“You’d be a GREAT janitor!”

We also get a lot of faces whom we dont’ know, or get to for that matter, because we’re too busy blowing stuff up.  We have the not so normal bitchy/smart girl, and a cripple.  Hmmm, like, oh, I don’t know… NUNNALLY! You know, now that I think about it, that wheelchair girl actually even looked like Nunnally. This show is like an interactive game; Let’s call it, “Find the Geass Rip-off”, and I’m sure there will be plenty more chances to play after this episode.  We get your obvious bad guys who talk about how the obvious good guys are terrorists, while we as the audience are supposed to hate them for not liking the main characters.  But really, if you were a soldier, and you were told that they were terrorists, there’s not really much of an opinion you can have on the matter.

“Bitch! I know, I KNOW you didn’t just mess up my flower!”

And we have this guy, Daryl, but for obvious reasons, you can just call him Clovis.  As of right now, this is our generic snobby asshole bad guy, who kills a bitch because she messed up his flower.  Okay, well, he claims it’s because he doesn’t want to get infected, but I think we all know that he may have been a little too attached to that flower.  He’s really an asshole, but if this writer keeps ripping off Geass he’ll be dead in a few episodes, so nothing to worry about there.  And once again, the pacing/editing was really weird in this episode, particularly with Shu at the end.  One second he’s jumping through the air killing soldiers, the next, he’s on top of Daryl’s mecha, and then he sticks his hand through it, through the damn mecha.  Dammit guys, get your shit together, you have one of the best animation studios in Japan, and have some awesome music, don’t you think that’d warrant a little more effort, and a less generic story?

Oh and how many times, HOW MANY TIMES have you ever seen this?!?!?!

Bet you 50 billion dollars…
Will that be cash or check?

GOD. DAMMIT!!  Stop being some fucking generic, lame-ass, shonen filled, re-hashed, Geass rip-off!!!!  For the love of Christ please don’t waste the tools you have.  I really want to try to like this show, and I have hopes that it will at least attempt to try to make it’s story better than what it seems like it will be.  You don’t have to follow the same tropes as everything else, you don’t have to remake Code Geass, you don’t have to fuck this up.


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  1. Wow what a complete collapse. How embarrassing: a star studded creative team and this is the result?

    Makes u wonder what sort of mandate they were under, if they seem to be mailing in the concepts?

    • I’m now convinced this guy is just re-writing Code Geass. But the visuals and music are good enough for me to watch it in hope it will actually pick up the quality of it’s story to the rest of it’s standards.

      And as much as I love Evangelion, for the first half of the show (at least to me) it seemed like a normal save the world mecha anime, which it is not at all.
      I’m not saying this show will do anything like Eva but, hey, I can dream.

  2. i like this show alot cause it has a sort of eureka 7 feel to it, and the main character isn’t a typical anime show wimp, but a realistic person, plus this has to be one of the best animated seasonal shows i’ve ever seen and its 22 epi to boot. This review is bs cause a reviewer isn’t supposed to bias, just because two shows have a girl in a wheelchair doesn’t mean one ripped off the other, a review should review the show with an unbias opinion, not a guess fanboy/girl bias. This show seems to be the most epic series this season.

    • I’m not being biased, one of the primary writers of this show was one of the primary writers for Code Geass, and I’m just making a connection. Surely you don’t think I’m being serious with all this, obviously just because there’s a girl in a wheelchair doesn’t make it the same show. I said the same thing you did about Shu and the animation, I’d hate to see everything they have wasted on a generic save to people story.

  3. Whoa… a transfer student? Now I’m intrigued.

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