Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing (Ginyoku no Fam) Episode 1 – First Impressions

By “here” I mean it’s a link to it

So, I believe this is the last new show for the Fall season, and they sure waited long enough to show one of the shows I’ve actually wanted to see.  This Last Exile series is not a continuation of the original, and isn’t supposed to be related to the first either.  Instead it’s simply a spin-off, with new characters and a new story.  This series centers around the titular character Fam, a  Sky Pirate and vanship pilot, and  her navigator, Giselle.

Now, I can’t be completely unbiased here, because I really like Last Exile, and I really like anything steampunk.  That being said, I’m ready for some Bioshock Infinite.  I do understand that Last Exile isn’t really for everyone, and that a lot of people have issues with the story and pacing of it.  The story of the show was never really a problem to me, but I can definitely understand peoples issues with it’s pacing.  Like most people, I watched about the first half of the show and still had little to no idea about what was really going on, while it continued to add more and more to the plot.  But, the show finally picks up at the second part and began to tell you what everything was about.  Not to mention the characters were great in the show and (most of) the animation was to.

Thumbs up for being pirates

Now to Fam; it seems odd to start a show with relatively no information given about the characters other that their names.  You barley even get a chance to know what these people do before they’re off blowing up giant battle frigates helping more people who you don’t know.  This episode also suffers from the normal first episode pacing issues.  One minute Fam’s taking of her clothes and falling out of an airship (Why they would leave the door unlocked after she’s obviously done that before is beyond me), the next second they’re back home, and the next two countries are at war.  They go to war that fast; literally, the Turan people are like “This place is sacred to the Federation, and we’re only here to hold a meeting, they wouldn’t go to war with us.”  and they VERY next scene, some generic evil guy from the Federation says “We’re going to war, right now.  What? A reason? LOLOLOLOL! Good one”.  But hey, anything to complete a story arc in the first episode right?  Well, they do manage to make a story arc, and a fairly entertaining one too.  Also from what you see in the first part of the episode, you’d be surprised to know that Fam isn’t a completely idiotic and naive girl.  She actually manages to pull some pretty cool stuff in the obligatory first episode battle, even if the show feels the need to remind you that she’s still a little ditzy at the end… by making here cling to the side of a moving airship just to see the princess.  None of the other characters were really given to much to do except the he/she that everybody loves, Dio.  The episode was enjoyable, but it didn’t really offer enough about the plot for a first episode, instead focusing more on it’s battle scene.  But if this is anything like it father series, I don’t have much concern that the story will be bad.

I guess having an eye-patch doesn’t leave you with many career choices

Once again, Gonzo’s weird CG/2D hybrid style of animation makes it’s appearance.  I really like the 2D animation and character models, but I’m always iffy when it comes to CG.  CG isn’t one of the things that I particularly care to much for in anime; after all, it’s just a cop out to not have to draw stuff, and Japan is already getting lazy enough with it’s animation as it is.  However, I didn’t mind it too much in Last Exile or either I just got used to seeing it; that and it was done halfway decent.  The music is also as good as I remember it being in the first series, which was something that I always like to see in a series.

I feel like this is another good series in a season of plenty of good shows, but feel it may be overlooked in favor of shows like Fate/zero or Mirai Nikki.  Both of the shows seem great so far, so don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t heard many people talking about this show, and I don’t think airing at the very end of the season helps it too much.  I mean, even MAL says it started airing on July 2nd, which it definitely did not.  Well, here’s hoping this show continues the meet the mark that it’s predecessor set.


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  1. Lol, nice post for this–I especially liked the “We’re going to war. RIGHT. NOW.”
    Overall I thought this episode worked well enough. The feel of the show is quite similar to the first series, and the action was well-executed. I’m looking forward to learning about the characters, likely in a way similar to the original Last Exile. But for now, it’s nice just to see all the cool costumes and ships and Immelmann turns.
    I think people haven’t talked about the show much since it came in late this season, and subs took a few days it seemed. It’s streaming on Funimation though, at least for those with an account of some sort.

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