Fate/Zero Episode 3 – I’ve Got 99 More Lives

Episode Here

Makes perfect sense.

Okay guys, one more episode until shit starts to go down, or at least it better.  Well, at least we now know every servant, though not much about many of them.  So it goes:

  • Waver – Rider
  • Kariya – Berserker
  • Kiritisugu – Saber
  • Ryuunosuke – Caster
  • Tohsaka – Gilgamesh (Archer)
  • ???????? – Lancer
  • Kirei – Assassins
Notice the plural on “Assassins”.  This is because Kirei is a cheater and has a bunch of assassins as servants instead of just one.  Either that or he can manifest himself as multiple people.  It turns out that Kirei purposely sent Assassin out to steal whatever it was in the last episode in order to make Gilgamesh show himself, and to make the other Masters think that he had already been removed from the War.  Actually, I guess being a sneaky, lying bastard, having Assassin as his servant is pretty well suited to him.  But his plan at least worked on Rider and Waver.
“That’s why he died in the second episode, duh!”

Waver and Rider, are easily my favorite Master/Servant pair right now, for several reasons.  Seeing how absolutely opposite that Waver and his servant are make their scenes just that much more entertaining and interesting, and hopefully Waver will learn to stop being such a pansy when all is said and done.  And you have to like the underdog; Waver just seems like a completely lost cause in the War, yet with Rider alongside him, you can’t help but have hope for him in the battles.  Rider also takes the time to explain about Noble Phantasms.  These are powers that all servants had, and are pretty much special abilities, like Rider summoning that chariot, or Archer killing (one) Assassin with his uber attack last episode.  This could also explain how Kirei has multiple Assassins; maybe one of his abilities is to split into multiple forms.  Either way, contrary to the way the second episode ended, no one is out of the War just yet.

We also get to learn about Kiritsugu’s wife and his, supposed, mistress.  Apparently, Irisviel is some kind of artificial person made for the Holy Grail War, though in what way I’m not sure.  Kiritsugu having a mistress was also kind of surprising, after seeing him having such a loving relationship with his child and wife.  Irisviel also states that it pains Kiritsugu to be happy, so maybe that plays into is infidelity somehow.  So, just when shit’s about to go down…… cliffhanger.

Coming up on “Cheaters”…

This was another good episode, and I’m definitely ready for a fight in the next one, but I kind of worry about how they’ll split up the screen time between seven different pairs of characters.  It seems that Waver, Kiritsugu, and Kirei will be the most prominent characters, but I was really hoping for some more of Caster and his Master, or getting to know more about Kariya, whose cause seems the most sympathetic and noble out of all the characters.  We’ll just have to see how they manage this, and hope they can strike a balance between the characters screen time.


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