Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Episode 2 – Explain Yourself

Yes for the love of God, please!

Ugh, my Lord, what the hell is going on here, could you possibly spew more random things that make absolutely no sense at me?  I kind of forgot how hard these shows are to follow, because of their big-ass lore.  Seriously, go look at Shakuga no Shana’s character page on Wikipedia, it’s insanely huge.  This episode skips back and forth between a few different things, but really, the one anyone really cares about was Evil Yuji.  And it turns out that, unfortunately, Yuji is still not an interesting character, because it’s not even really him who left the city, but the leader of Bal Masque, the thing that was inside him during the second season.  So this thing has taken of Yuji’s body and, along with Hectate and Bel Peol, returned to his minions to destroy the world, or whatever.

Nice hair, man

Come on, I really wanted Yuji to be doing something based on his own decisions.  He’s already uninteresting enough, do you really need to make him halfway removed from the show?  It seems kind of odd to reveal something so important this early in the show; it doesn’t leave any of the mystery of why he would do what he did, or the reasons for his actions.

The rest of the stuff in this episode was pretty unimportant.  Uber Heracross argued with a child White Mage and a hairy Crow-man about ranks and more stuff that I don’t know about.  Shana’s is still sitting at home twiddling her thumbs and baaaawing about how Yuji is gone, and Satou leaves to go work for Outlaw.  Oh, and Normal Yuji with Normal Yuji hair is somehow back in the city.  So I gues whatever is possessing him change his appearance to look like he used to.  But then, is it Evil or Normal Yuji?  I don’t know, but this show better calm down with the lore for a few seconds to explain just what in the world is going on.

INSERT penis joke

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  1. [Will Yuji stay an uninteresting main character or will he be degraded to a completely uninteresting side character? Maybe we will see within the next 10 episodes!]

    sooo yeah, once again as they do tell us something about Bal Masque, basically they still don’t tell us anything about what’s going on… and they sure have a tendency of ending each episode with a ‘WHAT?’ moment…
    (and the WHAT? always refers to whats going on in the first place… basically?)

    Thanks for the Review, and wow that penis joke makes Shana so much more ‘manly’ O.O

  2. Dont worry man Yuji is not simply taken over, for one the voices are done like that to reinforce how both minds are existing in the body. Unlike a case of split personalities think of it more of a playground see-saw where both sides exist but one is always higher(influence) then the other. They both share their thought together to achieve one common goal like akito/agito from air gear.

    Both sides are always conscience like two minds moving one body thats why all the trinity are worried cause they can’t undestand why their lord relies so much on yuji instead of just completly taking over like what you think has happened. Also its why this betrayel hurts shana so much cause yuji is doing a large part of this, contrary to what many people who only know of the anime he is not simply possessed he has just as much self control as the lord.

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