Shakugan no Shana III (Final) Episode 1 – First Impressions (Yuji is gone BTW)

This picture does not correctly represent her Tsun to Dere ration... It's more like 900 to 1

First Episode Here 

Okay, so after this it’s over, right?  Cause’ I feel like a loser for actually liking this show, and I don’t want to have to wallow in self-loathing any more once this is over.

So, at the end of the second season, Shana and Yoshida did a typical bitch thing by making Yuji pick one of them over the other.  The final scene showed Yoshida crying, supposedly acknowledging she’d been rejected, and Shana turning an smiling happily, supposedly at Yuji.  But OH, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, NOPE!  Although she did see him, he vanished and disappeared from the city that night.  That was a serious what the fuck moment for me, and I was actually kind of surprised at it, though it did seem kind of like a dues ex machina just to have a new plot line.  But hey, at least they managed to do something different this time, unlike the second season, which was more or less a rehash of the first.

So yes, Yuji is gone, and like any Torch who disappears, everything he owns vanishes and no one remembers him (except the main characters of course).  I always thought that was bullshit, like what if Bill Gates or Barack Obama or anyone important got turned into a Torch?  Would everything they ever done disappear, would the butterfly effect kick in and blow up the world?  Anyway, because Shana and Yoshida got their letters that they sent to him returned to them, they think he is still alive and are determined to find him.  But because the director wanted us to understand even less of what is going on, it is shown at the beginning that Yuji is in fact alive, has long hair, and is fighting Shana for whatever reason.  But did I mention Yuji is gone?  Because this episode sure does, and if you din’t know Yuji was gone the first fifty times they told you Yuji is gone, you will by the last time they tell you that Yuji is gone.  I really hope this season will do more to Yuji as a character, because he always felt kind of like Harry Potter, in that, lots of cool shit happened to him and because of him, but he was never really that interesting (until the end of the series that is).  So maybe that’ll be the angle this time, because a couple of times you hear Yuji talking to something and it asking him what he thinks and what he wants to do.

But GOD DAMMIT, now I have to watch more of my mediocre guilty pleasure anime, because I’m just that much of a loser.  It actually seems like an interesting plot this time around, even if it does kind of seem stolen from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  But, if you’re gonna steal, might as well be from something good.  Comment, rate, all that jazz.

Oh yeah, fuck the Endless Eight to hell, fuck it to the seventh level.

PS. Did you know Yuji is fucking GONE?


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    i just watched that episode and was like WTF YUJI IS GONE?!? so my basic impression was the same as yours… especially after the 200th time of him being mentioned as gone.
    Either way i don’t get why yuji rly is on the wrong side of the battlefield now… seems like he teamed with the bad guys whose name i forgot Oo
    maybe ‘the silver’ has taken control or something x.x

    well judging from the tag ‘romance’ still being there in all anime sites i checked, even for season 3 i kind of guess yuji will go back to being the barely noticable second ‘main’ character again at some point (i just take shana as the main chara since she does all the good fighting and the anime has her NAME in it)

    thanks for your first impression review thingy =D

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