Fate/Zero Episode 2 – Servant Role Call

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Okay, all of the exposition is out of the way and we can start some stuff, right?  Well, almost; the Servants still need to be introduced, which is understandable.  So pretty much all this episode is spent showing who got what servant.

First is Waver, who summoned Rider.  As Rider is asking him about the condition of his country and about the rest of the world, he asks about Waver’s reason for wanting the Grail.  Waver offers a very deep and respectable reason for wanting this mythical object.

So after Rider punches the shit out of him and tells him how much of a butthurt loser he is, he almost uses one of his command seals, but doesn’t because he realizes how damn retarded he is.  He then asks to see Riders power, so Rider turns into Thor and creates a lightning chariot that comes from the sky.  And now Waver knows not to mess with his Servant, next.

Next we see Kiritsugu playing with his daughter in the snow outside of his home.  Inside we see his Servant, Saber, talking to his wife and telling her about her cross-dressing hobby.

Kiritsugu’s wife tells Saber of his wish to put the world at peace, which Saber respects and is glad to help with.  There really isn’t much of this scene, so onto the bug-eyed crazy son-of-a-bitch.

So remember the talk about murders on TV in the first episode?  Well, that was Ryuunosuke Uryuu, a crazy mother fucker who killed multiple people trying to recreate the summoning ritual required to take part in the Holy Grail War.  So after drawing the pentagram with some family’s blood with his foot, while making their young son watch him, a Servant comes from the pentagram.  So what servant does a man who silently murders families in their home get? Assassin? Nope,  hr gets Caster (who looks like a Bug-eyed Kefka), makes a lot of sense right?

Caster (Who says his name in this era would be Bluebeard…. okay) and Ryuunosuke get to know each other, talking about things that interest them like murder, killing, and pedophilia

Ryuunosuke asks if he wants the screaming tied up kid as a sacrifice, but Kefka unties him and lets him walk towards the front door.  Just as it seems that this crazy looking thing has a heart, and simply wishes to help a frightened child….

Aw he’s gonna let him g-HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Some crazy magic tentacles come out of nowhere and rape his ass.  Shit, this scene scared me, but it was a jump scare, and we all know those don’t count.  Ryuunosuke begins to rant about how cool and amazing Caster is, and they both agree to murder many more people together.

The final scene in this episode shows Kirei and his Servant, Assassin (I’m assuming).  He tells his servant to sneak into a castle and steal something for him.  When Assassin raises concern about Archer or someone being there, Kirei says that he will be fine and sends him in anyway.  After Assassin finds what he is looking for he gets his ass raped by Archer (Or Lancer) and is shown in a bloody pulp in the last scene of the episode.

This was a really cool episode, and even better than the first, now that most of the explanation is out of the way.  But man, does this show really like horror stuff; first the worms, now the kid?  I won’t complain though, at least something’s taking itself seriously these days.  It seems like it’s actually getting into some interesting stuff and characters; I’m a sucker for psychopathic guys who like to murder children.


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  1. Good episode

    Some info:
    Caster Bluebeard a.k.a. Gilles de Rais

    Rider King Iskandar a.k.a. Alexander the Great

    Assassin Hassan-i Sabbāh

  2. Kirei’s servant is Assassin, who was cut down by Tokiomi’s servant Archer. just to get that clear.

    Really glad this anime seems to know what its doing. They did Casters intro perfectly. I can tell, because that scene was horrible, just as disturbing as when i read it in the novels. With those two in this war there will only be a lot more death, blood and horror. I really love to hate those two (though they do have a strange entertainment value at the same time) and i really hope someone kills them soon. Poor Assassin really got bad luck with Gil there, and he looked so cool sneaking into the mansion. Reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtK2qyQJcOc&feature=related

    Now that I’ve talked about all the other minor stuff this episode, allow me to take a moment to say HELL YEAH RIDER!!! ALL HAIL THE KING OF CONQUERORS! XD 🙂 Alexander is so much fun, badass, and all around cool. I love how he is such a bro. Out of all the groups in Fate Zero, him and Waver are definitely my favorite. Naturally i still wont say anything spoiley, but i really cannot wait to see more of them. Their interactions are great, battles are great, everything about them really works for me. That’s all i can say with us only at episode two.

    • Yep, this show seems to have really got it’s stuff together after the initial rambling of the first episode.

      But since Kirei’s servant got completely destroyed , what happens to him? Or is Assassin still alive or something?

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