Persona 4: The Animation Episode 1 – First Impressions

Guns were cooler

First Episode Here

Ha, it’s funny ’cause the character’s supposed to be “You” and his name is Yu Narukami, I see what you did there.

So, more than likely you’ve played Persona 4, possibly multiple times, so I don’t think the story is anything you’re all too excited about.  The first episode sums up the almost 4 hour tutorial-type-thing in the beginning of the game and because of how much it covers, it feels kind of disjointed.  Like the game, it starts of with Yu (lololol) as he moves to Inaba to live with his uncle while his parents are away at work.  In this new town creepy gas-station employees want to touch his hand, no one gets to eat dinner, and your homeroom teacher everyone in his class is a whore.  So, as if his life wasn’t messed up enough, someone gets murdered on his first day of school, and he finds out he can go inside of TVs.  Then TV world, shadows, personas, yadda yadda, yadda, SSDD.

So yeah, the first episode covers a LOT of the game in a short time, and obviously skips over some of the more unnecessary things, like Dojima and Nanako’s relationship, but not Junes, ZOMFG JUNESSS!!!111!1!!ONE!11  Also, the dude who directed Angel Beats did this, which seems like kind of a weird match-up to me.  But I guess having someone who knows what they’re doing is never really a bad thing.  The music is taken straight from the game; same songs for same situations and so forth.  You could say it’s kind of lazy, but technically the whole thing could be considered lazy, because the story, character designs and everything else were already set up to be made.  One thing that was kind of stupid was the day-to-day calender transition thing that they actually use in the anime, that is kind of lazy.  And they have the stat pentagram on the eyecatch too.  Really? Is it that necessary to cram the fact that “THIS IS BASED ON A GAME” down the viewers throats?  The artwork is kind of weird too; characters look sort of different than their in-game model (below) and it really didn’t look too polished, unlike the game.

I personally don’t feel any need to watch this because I’ve played the game, know the characters, know the story, and know how it ends.  If the artwork were a little better, I guess I’d watch some more of it, but for the reasons I just listed, I don’t think that would change my views too much.  And now I must go play the game again, because this made me remember how awesome it was.

Whores derp


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