Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 1 – First Impressions

Themes? In my harem anime? 

First Episode Here 

Have you ever wanted really good friends?  Probably, but have you ever sucked so bad at making them that you created an imaginary friend so you wouldn’t want to kill yourself?  Then did someone come along and make you realize you’re an idiot, forcing you to make a club just so you can get to know people?  No, probably not, but apparently there’s someone who sucks at life that much.

This anime is called Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which litterally means “I don’t have many friends”, that’s how to be blunt right there.  The main character is Kodaka Hasegawa, who was obviously the result of gene splicing as an infant because he has black/blonde hair, which I don’t think actually exists.  He recently transferred to a new school, and has no friends, as everyone thinks of him as a troublesome kid.  But what did he do to make people think he’s an asshole?  Nothing, they just assumed it from their first impressions of him and took it at face value, never questioning their opinion’s validity.  Aren’t high-school kids just so open-minded?  Anyway, one day he comes across his reclusive classmate named Yozora Mikazuki talking to her imaginary friend because she kind of sucks at life.  When he asks her about it, she says she does it because she doesn’t have any friends, and has no social skills to actually make any.  As they both contemplate why they don’t have any friends she comes up with the idea to make a club that will allow them to make Social Links, thus making their personas stron- never mind.  But she does make a club named “The Neighbor Club” which exists for the sole purpose of making friends.  She recruits Kodaka to help her with the club, and within minuets of setting up posters has a new member, Sena Kashiwazaki.  Sena is absurdly popular (but only with people who want dat ass), but has no “real” friends, and wants to join their club to make some.  Yozora is jealous of her boobs  and doesn’t want her to join, although she makes up the fake reason that she’s popular, so she doesn’t need friends.  But where would the story be is we didn’t have some rivals, so, obviously, Sena is accepted into the club.

Maybe the other way around... please?

This show is produced by AIC Build, one of the newer branches of the AIC.  So far AIC Build has done Oreimo and… that’s it.  But don’t let their non-existant track record fool you, this is a really well animated show.  Although it’s probably just because they’re of AIC, but who cares.  The show looks a lot like Oreimo, but that’s not really a bad thing.  The character models are all good, animation is pretty smooth and the artwork is above average.  And lo-and-behold, the show has a theme, a valid one at that, just like Oreimo.  Obviously, it’s theme is about how people tend to be superficial with their judgement of others without really getting to know them, which everyone has been guilty of at some point in their life.  Hopefully it won’t stray to it’s harem tendencies as Shaft’s Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko did.  But from the looks of the opening, it wouldn’t be too far of a walk to get to harem-ville.  Let’s just pray it sticks to it’s guns and doesn’t get all generic on us.


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  1. The first episode initially had potential, by taking the concept of loneliness seriously, but once the popular student showed up it went back to cliche-ville. Perhaps this only indicates a tension between the creators’ aspirations of a serious show and requirements to cater to the base with fan-service-y elements?

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