C3 (CubexCursedxCurious) Episode 1 – First Impressions

Whip-its, Zooties, bring em all!

First Episode Here

Let’s give a summary at the speed at which this show moves.  Haruaki gets a box, from his dad, really heavy, puts in basement, wakes up at night, naked girl, came from box, named Fear, tsundere, generic best friend come, girls don’t like each other, Haruaki goes to school, Fear goes to town, comes back, comically attempts to clean the house, fails hard, she’s sad, Haruaki’s mad, generic reconciliation at the end.

This show is on speed, coke, lsd, and any other illegal substances you can think of.  Hell, I bet this show has even done Charlie Sheen, and it’s not even available.  What I mean by all this is that everything moves at a 500 mph pace, and the first episode could have honestly been split into 2 or more episodes if they were thinking straight.  It seems like a rather normal ecchi show with a typical magically appearing girl (DearS, Chobits,), but for whatever reason the main character (who really is barley in this episode) seems very apathetic that his dad just sent some magical girl-in-a-box to his house.  I think it’s supposed to be because his dad sends him stuff all the time, and the townspeople also seem to understand where she came from. Oh, and at the end of the episode he says the he knows she isn’t human… completely unaffected by the fact that his has been sent a magical non-human box-girl by his father.  Also whoever animated this show really like blue and purple, because it seems every scene in this show is completely saturated with the colors.  I don’t really know what to make of this; obviously it won’t be anything terribly special, but it at least seems like it wants to get to where it wants to fast, and with this type of “mysterious appearance” genre, there’s going to be a bunch of crazy stuff happening.  However, it really needs to calm down and just explain the basics of what the hell’s going on, or what the hell she is.


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  1. This Beautiful and Yet ugly world on crack? Ehhhhh….I’m not sure i can handle it. One mysterious naked girl anime was 1 too much.

    I tend hate generic boy meets amazing girl animes…

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