How to Film a Harem/Ecchi Anime

Above is correct

Is there anyone who does not appreciate this classic genre?  Harem anime create a world which has been proven correct time and time again, year by year; a world in which every girl craves the genitals of a single male.  Of course we all know this to be true, as we have witnessed it many times and it always plays out the same.  However, many aspiring harem anime creators have a hard time creating the conditions for such a scene to exist, so we have constructed a helpful guide to get you started on your road to adding to this wonderful genre!

Ideal lead

1. Your Lead – The lead for your harem should ideally be as generic as possible, this way he will appeal the the widest array of women.  He must not be proficient in any major field, save for academics or the rare case of athletics, and should be rather homely.  Your lead should be a kind and thoughtful person with a pure heart; this way it will be funnier when you incorporate the ecchi aspect of it.  He should also be rather clumsy, so he can have humorous erotic encounters with members of his harem.  Although some Harem anime have opted for a rather perverted young lad as their main character, we believe it is best to preserve this classic genre and use the former of the two leads.

2. Filming Time –  Although many people are unaware of this, the time in which a harem anime is filmed is very important in meeting the desired conditions of the show.  Every year there is a single month in which the animated female species is in rut.  This month changes from year to year, but meteorologist’s and psychologists’s team up every January to specify the month for the following year.  It is imperative to film your show during this time, as it is the means by which the women in your harem anime are seduced into liking your otherwise not-so-likable lead.  In order to spur things along with your lead and his harem, it is suggested you make any other males around the women complete idiots, pervert, or metro-sexual, or to remove all other males form the equation altogether.

The H-B magnets at work

3. Genitle Magnets – These are more important to the ecchi aspect of you show than to its harem aspect.  These are special magnets which attract a woman’s gentiles.  The first kind is the F-B magnet (face to bottom), this magnet will attract you male leads face to any female posterior if the fall in unison.  These are ideal for comedic purposes or to create tension between two of your characters.  The second type is the H-B magnet (Hand to Breast),  as it’s name implies, it will draw your male leads hand to any woman’s breast, assuming your lead falls onto a female.  This is also used for comedic purposes, but is more often used as a type of compensation for the rather underpaid lead actors of these roles.  These magnets can be ordered from H-Products Inc., and should be implanted into your male lead without his knowledge, before filming begins.

4. Location – As the classic saying goes; location, location, location!  The filming location is a very important factor in the success of your harem anime.  It should ideally be set in high-school, as it gives an excuse for the girls to wear very short skirts, and gives you and excuse not to show any nudity, as all of the actors will be underage.  Be sure to make sure any attractive girls are in the same class or homeroom as your lead.  Also make sure that there are several loose floorboards for your lead to trip over, causing a humorous ecchi scene.  Install cameras in the female changing room, as girls often like to grope each other and have underwear parties, which provides an excellent source of yuri fan-service.  Be sure to remove all looks from doors and have the females change clothes as often as possible, giving the male lead a greater change of accidentally walking in on them undressing.  Also, although Japan now discourages bloomers, it would be in your best interest to bribe the headmaster into reinstating them for your filming period.

Three objec- girls

5. The Girls – One of the most important aspects of any harem.  The girls cast for your show should fill a wide variety of personalities and character traits.  Although no set number is correct anywhere between 3 to 341 is ideal.  Your should incorporate a few of these types into your show:  the overly happy (almost retarded) girl, the loli, the tsundere, the sadist, the shy girl, the older-sister type, and the best friend.  These character archetypes offer an instantly recognizable image of a harem anime that is sure to bring viewers in.  The girls should all be okay with completely giving up their pride to chase after a nobody guy, and to be borderline molested if you are planning on doing an ecchi anime as well.  make sure they all have some type of sad back story to make them sympathetic and vulnerable to the male lead at some point during the show.

And there you have it!  You should now be well on your way to filming your own harem anime!  If you have any questions or trouble, please feel free to comment bellow and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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  1. gentiles != genitalia

  2. That’s all well and good if I’m making a 100% realistic depiction of adolescent relationships, but what if I want to make a ridiculously exaggerated male sexual fantasy? Any tips for that?

    • I would say:
      1) Make sure the Female:Male ratio is about 8,898,341,234 to 1.
      2) No adult supervision whatsoever.
      3) Require that females wear clothes that Nevadan prostitutes would call “revealing”.

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