Mawaru Penguindrum – Ringo needs to die

Thank you, sir

Seriously, I think we can all agree this bitch needs to die, as she has done nothing but mess shit up the entire series.  Firstly, there is no way in hell any sane minded person would spend more than 5 seconds around her if they know how she actually was, and if you personally knew the object of her desires, you would tell him as soon as you could.  Not only does Shoma help this psychopathic bitch in her crazy fantasies, he absolutely refuses to just take the damn diary for whatever reason.  This bitch tried to rape someone, RAPE them, and would have if she didn’t mess up the ruphie dosage in Shoma’s drink.  And then after Shoma knocks her off as she’s mounting her passed out victim, he saves her crazy ass from being hit by a car.  And when the guy wants to have sex with her she won’t?  Bullshit, sirs.  She’s a fucking failure at life, lost the diary, blames Shoma, and needs to drink some anti-freeze or something.

And if she and Shoma somehow become a couple (because she apparently likes him, and he very obviously want to put his dick in it) I swear to the Holy virgin Mary I’ll have to kill something.


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