School Days – Review

Holy shit, get the hell away from me

Holy God, I had completely forgotten about this show for years, but for whatever reason it reared is batshit insane head just a moment ago in my head.  Obviously, I have to write about it now, and why it is NOT at all what it first looks like.

This show starts out in the most sweet and happy way ever; a high-school boy named Makoto with a crush on a cute girl named Kotonoha.  Dawwwww, isn’t that sweet?  However, Makoto knows he will never have a chance to get to know her, that is until a fellow classmate, named Sekai, finds out about his crush and decides to introduce them.  Makoto and Kotonoha eventually begin to date, but when they do, Sekai discovers that she has feelings for Makoto as well.  Of course this starts a love triangle, or quadrangle, or pentagram, or whatever, lots on people.  What makes this different from other harem romance what-have-you’s is how much of a complete asshole Makoto is.  Seriously, if you knew this kid you would want to stone his ass to death, no joke.  He constantly goes back and forth between whatever girl he likes with little to no remorse, just to satisfy his teenage sex-starved self.  The sad thing is is that he’s a pretty good representation for a large majority of the male population at that age; people who want nothing more than to grab some tits and tap dat ass.  Throughout the series he goes to whatever length he can just to have sex, yes characters actually have sex in this anime.  But really, lets not kid ourselves here, Sekai is just as much an asshole as Makoto.  She’s the one who got him together with Kotonoha in the first place, then baaaaws about having done it, and fucks Makoto behind Kotonoha’s back.  But everyone knows that sick, messed up characters are better than the happy flowers and rainbows kind that normally plague these types of shows, simply because they’re more interesting to watch, or you just want to see them get what they deserve.

So yes, this all seems like a normal harem show, with slightly more adult, or rather realistic, themes.  But let’s not forget these two bitches are fucking batshit crazy.  Everything that happens to them is exactly what I’m sure all girls go through; like a guy, he cheats on you.  Oh, but you’re in high-school, the most important and serious thing you will ever do, right?  Fuck that noise, I really hate how seriously high school life is portrayed in anime, movies, TV, and even my own school, it’s retarded.  And of course everyone knows high-school romances are the most serious thing in the entire universe, because you will always marry the first person you date.  Back to the topic at hand.  These two girls treat everything like this and, although Makoto’s faggot ass didn’t help, they seem to take all this stuff a little too seriously.  Then you get to the end and they take it a LOT too seriously.  The end of this show is a classic “Jesus Fucking Christ!!!” moment, and has and always will be talked about for the shear what-the-fuckness of it.  Ever been on a forum about a show and someone will say, “What if this turns into School Days or some shit” ?  This is what they mean.

The only thing I can’t really speak too well about is the artwork, It kind of sucks to put it simply.  School Days is a unique anime that breaks a lot of trends for its genre, although you can’t help but think that all these assholes got what they deserved, and they shouldn’t take this shit so seriously.  After all if shit like this happened every time a girl’s heart got broken, I think the divorce rate would be a little lower, don’t you?

  • Story – 9
  • Art – 6
  • Characters – 9
  • Sound – 8
  • Overall – 8

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  1. I’m currently watching this show, now around episode 7. I haven’t read your review besides the last paragraph but for the nonce– it’s less of a harem show and more of a typical soap opera. At least when Makoko is caught between two girls. Now that the shy girlfriend caught the school rep kissing her guy, the show is back on solid harem grounds. Ah well! It’s a matter of trading a set of cliches for another one.

    • That is until the last episode when XXXXXXX XXXXs Makoto then XXXXXXX XXXs her XXXXXXXX XXXX to see XX XXX XXX X XXXX.
      (censored for your convenience)

      • I take back my earlier comment! The last half of the show shot it up a few levels in my estimation.

        A couple of complaints (a little too brazenly over the top, a couple too many girls, and no introspection on Makoto’s part) doesn’t mitigate this from easily taking the title of best Harem ever.

  2. I dont agree. I just watched it. My expirience was that Makato just said yes to all the girls. He didnt know what to do and trusted others. He was just a silly little boy. It wasnt Makato that did things wrong, for example sekai was the real manipulator. Makato was just shy.
    When Makato and Kotonaho joined once again at the end, it felt to me like Makoto realised how stupid he had been.

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