Fall 2011 Anime

The new anime season starts in October doods.  I’m sort of glad, because I don’t have too many shows that I know I’m going to watch every week, besides Mawaru Penguindrum and No. 6, so hopefully I’ll find something in the new season I can really stick with too.

Mashiroiro Symphony – 

Yes, it’s the generic harem anime required by law for each season for the rest of eternity.  Some generic guy is sent as a specially selected trial student at an all girls school that is beginning to combine with his old school.  Shockingly he meets a bunch of girls there who, oddly, all don’t instantly want his penis, However, most other harem anime have claimed this to not be the case, as we all know that girls all crave dick.

Guilty Crown –    

Christ, people are all about some Guilty Crown for whatever reason, maybe because it sounds like a new Code Geass or something.  For whatever reason people I know are going apeshit about this show, and the PV looks pretty damn good so I’ll check it out.  Guilty Crown is a totalitarian government type thing that takes place in 2039, and follows Ouma Shu.  He somehow gets involved with a resistance force that’s fighting the government, as is standard in totalitarian works.

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing –    

Awesome, more Last Exile!… oh, it’s just a spin off.  Yes, unfortunately this has absolutely nothing to do with Last Exile and is and all new story set in the same world.  Well, it’s Last Exile, so we’ll all watch it anyway.  This show is about a girl named Fam and her navigator Giselle, who were both made fun of so much for their names they stole a vanship and ran away.  No, not really, but there isn’t really a whole lot of information about it, except that their vanship is named “Vespa”, so hopefully we’ll get to see some bass guitar head smashing.

Persona 4: The Animation –    

Hells yes, grab some fsteak and get ready to talk about MURDERS!  Oh, soooooo many Hiimdaisy jokes to make, but the time for that will come later.  I’m sure most people have played P4, or have at least heard about it, as it’s one of the best games on one of the best systems ever, the PlayStation 2.  Persona 4 is about “you” as you move to a new town to stay with your uncle while your parents are away.  While there, a string of murders occur and you and your friends discover the means of the killing; a world inside the TV.  So, because everyone knows that police fail at everything, you and your party set out to stop any more deaths.

Shakugan No Shana: III –    

Is this show really that popular?  How can you even have a third season? There were two seasons, OVAs, a movie, and now a THIRD season?  What else is there?  Yuji picked Shana, that’s the end, Yoshida loses and has to settle for Ike.  Right?  Lord, I don’t know, I can’t even find any information on the plot of this,  but I’ll have to watch  it just to see what bullshit they can make up to squeeze more life out of this series.  Shana, you are no Evangelion.

Fate/Zero –     

I’ve never watched all of Fate/stay night, and people claim I deserve to die because of this.  However, I’ve also heard people say that it’s really overrated, so I just never took the time to finish it.  Fate/Zero is prequel to Fate/stay night and is supposed to show what happened in the 4th Holy Grail War that made all that shit happen to Shirou.

Obviously, these aren’t all the anime that will be released in the fall season, just the ones that I’ve heard about that seemed noteworthy.

Here’s a full list


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  1. Starts in August? Don’t you mean October? (Or have some shows already started??)
    At any rate, plenty of shows coming up for Fall that I plan to watch. So many good anime these days! Or at least interesting-looking ones.

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