Stupid Shit in Anime – Eden of the East

Bitches don't know what the hell we are!

Oh, Eden of the East, why must you end up in this category?  Well, maybe it’s just because I like the series so much that this one part pisses me off as much as it does. In either the second or third episode Takizawa is driving his motercycle around and comes to a giant fucking hole in the ground where the Missiles hit the ground.  He walks to the edge and, like, swan dives of the broken road into the crater (completely unharmed by the way) and is gangbanged by a bunch of skeleton looking things that he calls “Johnny”, obviously due to the shows obsession with penis.  The show never, EVER, explains what these things are, obviously it’s a hallucination, but why does he have it? Is it because of the mind wiping thing, or what?  Neither movie feels the need to explain this shit either, and something similar happens again in the second movie, yet it is never explained, never mentioned again in the series.  Also to make things even what-the-fuckier, the dick chopping lady carries one of these things of when she turns into a crow, or whatever, and blows up the windows in the hotel.  Goddammit, plan shit out before you do it.



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  1. This WAS actually well-planned. You just need to connect the dots. =p

    Takizawa has erased most of his memories. Occasionally certain events help him remember aspects of his life prior to the memory wipe (e.g. similarities to movies he remembers, conversations with Saki, etc.). In this case, Takizawa ran across one of the missile craters for the first time since his return to Japan. Vague memories start flooding back into his head, but they aren’t clear or concrete; he doesn’t fully understand what he’s remembering. What he envisions are a mass of pasty, nude, feeble beings that emerge through electronic devices and instantly congregate around him, enamoured and looking up to him. Eventually, some of them seem to attempt to eat him, though not maliciously. It seems to be in their nature. Takizawa becomes upset at this betrayel at the expense of his outgoing nature, and becomes defensive.

    Do you see the parallels? Whom did Takizawa utilize to avert the missile crisis? With what electronic devices did they all use to communicate and rally? What did they end up looking like, the last time Takizawa saw them? What did some of them do to betray Takizawa, based on their nature? As you yourself halfway recall, he refers to both groups as “Johnnies” (probably because “both” groups are quite often naked).

    If the viewer didn’t make the connection by the time the last couple of episodes rolled around, there’s a quick scene where you see the NEETs converging on the mall, and their silhouettes are overlaid over the “We’ll kill you, Akira Takizawa” wall. Their silhouettes are unmistakably in the shape of the hallucinated beings that we saw twice earlier.

    The Kuroha nightmare is again easily understood. Takizawa at this point is unsure of what the fate of the NEETs were, unsure if he was to blame, yet deep down he knew that he wanted to be a savior. He tried to save the man whom he mistakenly believed to be Osugi (a NEET/”Johnny”) from the Johnny Hunter, but he failed to do so. His nightmare depicts this failure, and the destruction of the “Johnny.” Ultimately, he’s afraid that this nightmare represents his failure at saving all the other 20,000 missing NEETs as well.

    This was actually one of the more impressive elements of the series.

    • Yes, I realized they were probably representational of the NEETs, but there’s never any explanation as to why it happens. If it happened more often, like if things were constantly popping up in his head, I would think “Oh, this is obviously because of his mind wiping” but it only happens once or twice. And what about the cellphone at the beginning of the second movie?

      • I still think that the significance of encountering the missile crater and the failure to rescue the first helpless NEET that he finds were reason enough to have the memory fragments flash into his head.

        As for the Selezao phone, remember that he had lost all his prior memories of Johnnies and Mr. Outside after episode 11 and throughout the first movie. When he’s hallucinating about the phone at the start of the second movie, the first thing that he exclaims is “Johnny!?,” hinting that his memories of the whole ordeal may be coming back. He lost his memories twice by putting the phone up to his ear and hearing that distinct noise. Now, the phone is again interacting with his ear, except now it’s crawling its way back inside his head. Immediately after this hallucination, he whips out his Selecao phone knowingly and remembers his urge to punch Mr. Outside. From now on he remembers everything from the TV series, and indicates as such to Saki in the airport.

        I think the whole memory aspect was one of the weakest elements of the series (Taki even contemplates erasing it a third time, wtf). But that was definitely what that scene was depicting. It wasn’t tying in to distorted visual memories like before, but it still represented how ingrained the Selezao game was in his mind.

      • Once again, I agree about it being his memories, but still there never was a concrete answer as to why it happened. As he continues to uncover what has happened to him, his hallucinations don’t really continue. I guess the lack of consistancy kind of bothered me, or it could be that I was pissed about how neither of the movies lived up to the series and never answered if it was a side effect of his mind wiping.

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