Eden of the East: Paradise Lost – Blu-ray/DVD Review

Ooooh Yay, Finally you can get some answers about what the hell’s been going on in the series and the last movie… well kind of.  This isn’t really a review of the movie itself, more of the Blu-ray/DVD combo and its packaging and whatnot.  Simply put, Paradise Lost suffers from the same thing that the first movie did; it doesn’t really go anywhere for a while, and there is almost no character development.  This movie wraps things up in a… kind of… satisfying way, but is nowhere near as kickass as the ending of the series. Talking about the plot is pointless, because the only reason you’d buy this movie is if you were a fan of the show and wanted to see how it ended.  So let’s talk about the packaging

Like the first Blu-Ray/DVD this damn thing feels the need to be the side of a regular DVD box, and it looks retarded sitting next to all of your other Blu-rays.  I really, really, hate BD/DVD combos in the first place, because they only exist so the company can charge you more and say “Well, you’re getting more, so you should pay more.”  Fuck that, if I have a fucking Blu-ray player, why the hell would I want a DVD of the thing?  I’m so sick of these things, everywhere you look: “FOUR DISC COMBO!!! BLU-RAY, 3D BLU-RAY, DVD, DIGITAL COPY, ONLY $40!!!!!!!”  This is the only so kids can beg there mom to buy them at $35 dollar combo, when the only thing they want is the Blu-ray, or DVD if they don’t have a Blu-ray player.  Fuck Blu-ray/DVD combos

Gettin' a little big for out britches, eh?

It has some pretty cool artwork, though not as good as the series of the first movie, and the back has the classic Funimation screenshot lineup.  I dare you to try to find a Funimation release without a lineup of screenshots on the back, they are very few and far between.


Front slipcover and case

Back slipcover and case

Disks, DVD and Blu-Ray

The discs have a pretty cool holographic/3D thing going on, and the reverse insert is just a nice cityscape nothing special.

Reverse insert

Extras include a U.S. cast commentary (finally), Commentary on the Eden System with Director Kenji Kamiyama, Paradise Lost Preview, TV spots and Trailer.

This is a pretty good Blu-Ray/DVD, if not obnoxiously big for whatever reason, artwork is nice, and it has some pretty good extras.  If you were disappointed by the ending of the series, I would suggest at least watching these movies on Netflix to get the rest of the story, but I’m not sure it’s worth a buy to most people.


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