Code Geass – Review

Fucking hacker...

Not in a long time has such a good idea as Code Geass been so screwed over by lame melodrama and stupid plot devices.  It also doesn’t help that the series gets really stupid and improbable, or that fucking Pizza Hut pretty much paid for the whole show so their logo is in about every episode.  Code Geass could have been a lot better than it actually was, I’d go as far as to say great.  However, the number of outlandish, unexplained, and just plain stupid things that happen just fuck it all up.

Code Geass follows Lelouch, a rich privileged almost dickish kid who doesn’t like Britannia (The superpower country in this alternate timeline) because he was exiled to Japan by his asshole father because he didn’t want to deal with some motherless douche and his crippled sister.  Sounds rather soap-opera-esque but the back-story and history of the current world is rather interesting and explained fairly well, even some annoying exposition has to tell it sometimes.  Basically it’s a big-ass revenge/uprising story about the people of Japan standing up to Britannia and Lelouch wanting to kill his dad.  So, the plot device named C.C. comes in and gives him the power to make anyone do anything he asks. Oh and there are mechs too. Commence Revenga!

As much as I’m making fun of it the story isn’t that bad, but the problem is how it treats some of the situations and resolutions of some the problems are kind of stupid.  If you’ve seen the show I’ll just say this: mass exile.  No matter what you say, that was fucking retarded, there was no way that would work. Ever.  The series has a lot of shit like that, a lot of deus ex machina and stuff that has no place in the plot at all.  This is really the only major, albeit rather prevalent, problem in the series; which sucks even more than normal because of the interesting setup it has.  A lot of the themes and subject matter are pretty good too, until it starts to go into all of its supernatural stuff that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, given the focus of the rest of the show.  It has everything it needs to be great, but in my opinion it just screws stuff up a lot of the time.  However, unlike a lot of the fangirls, I actually like the ending because it actually had the balls to say: “You can’t just do whatever the hell you want with no consequences, shit’s gonna go down and someone needs to pay for it.”

Like always, CLAMP seems to have a pretty hard time drawing anyone weighing over 90 pounds, but hey, maybe they all have cacomorphobia, which seems like a pretty reasonable fear for a bunch of Asian women to have.  But I kid CLAMP, as crazy and as anorexic as their character models may be, they’re all memorable at the least, and have a good variety in personality and motive.  The rest of the art is decent but nothing to impressive, and there isn’t really any memorable music to speak of.

  • Story – 7
  • Art – 7
  • Characters – 8
  • Sound – 6
  • Overall – 7

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  1. Wow… I haven’t watched ALL of this show, but I happen to ENJOY complicated things – and I find the Pizza Hut logo EVERYWHERE very entertaining. The characters are good, and it’s the best show I have seen about mobile suits since Gundam Wing, oh, but you probably hated that show too…

  2. .wow! ang ganda tlga ng story ng series ng code geass i really enjoy watching that story cuz i’m the fan of lelouch : ) at tyaka ang ganda tlga ng venue nila kapag may laban sila. Sana po my magawa pa kayong series na yung mas kakaiba pa sa mga nagawa niyo na mas lalo ninyo pang iimproved ang pgpapaganda sa ”code geass. More power!

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