Manyuu Hikenchou – What’s the point?

Seriously, fuck the people who made this, for several reasons.  This show is about tits, that’s it, and as not interesting as that sounds, it lives up to that expectation pretty damn well.  What’s the story?  Well, I’d tell you, if I could get through a fucking episode without having a goddamn seizure from all the blinding lights they throw on the screen to censor stuff.  This show pisses me off even more than other borderline hentai shows, not just because of how stupid it is, but because of the damn censorship.

It's basically an anime light show

Not only is it one of the most annoying things I’ve seen in an anime in a while, it’s basically a big “FUCK YOU” to the viewers.  It’s like, “You wanna see these tits don’t ya?  You wanna see some hot almost-hentai lesbo action? Huh, do ya?!?! Well buy our fuckin’ Blu-ray ya horn-dogs.”  It’s like showing Pulp Fiction or Grindhouse or something on TV guide, what’s the point? Half the damn movie’s gone.  I know stuff like this will always be around, and has for forever, but to me it’s just stupid.  What’s the point of having echhi or borderline hentai?  If you want naked girls, that’s what porn is for, OR if you want 2D naked girls, that’s what HENTAI is for.  It’s just like the Family Guy episodes where Peter gives Chris the Hustler magazine, and later his friends asks if he want’s to come look at some rocks that look like boobs, to which he replies: “Who needs rocks when you’ve got this?”


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  1. Is this like Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne?

    I may have to at least watch the first episode. Something about cartoon sex makes me laugh. Especially when they create plots that make sex convenient for the storyline

    Example: In Rin the immortals have sec with angels before they are consumed by them.

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