FUNimation and the Ultimate Idiots

Surely, if you’re an american anime fan, or you watch  dubs at all, you’ve heard of Funimation (or FUNimation if you want to be correct about if).  They’re currently one of the better dubbing and licensing companies, and even have their own television channel.  Now obviously because they hold such a monopoly on the North American anime market, and because of their channel, they have a rather large following, even among people who don’t watch anime too often.  However, they also hold a monopoly on mentally handicapped fans.  If you go to their Youtube page, and go to the comments section, you will be greeted by some of the most idiotic things ever.  Of course there are the standard “OMG Bl4ck Butler is soooo kewl XD”  and “Thanks for tehs awsome anime!” there are also people, real human people, who believe Funimation MAKES anime.  I kid you fucking not, there are dozens of comments asking Funimation to make more seasons or to continue a show, it’s almost unreal.  Now, if you don’t believe me, if you think “Surely there’s no one that retarded” you’re wrong.

Just... fuck...

I swear, these people make me want to kill myself, they need to be purged, to be sent to Pluto, to be restricted from reproducing, they need to die.  These people are real, and need to be stopped, before it’s to late, before everyone thinks an American company makes ANIME.  Also there are people baaawwwing about having to read subs.


Suck my dick retards.


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  1. Ah, you don’t have to look far to find comments like these–there are hundreds of people who believe Funimation creates all the anime people watch. I imagine that the first words many new anime-watchers will hear first are “You should be watching” (which is one of my least favorite tag lines in history, but I digress). It’s not too hard to see why many believe Funimation would be the company to tell them: “wHY NO MER HEATAELIA SAEANOS f44!111OMGOMGOGMOG!!!ps ❤ VIC!!!!!!!!!!!!@!" The average anime viewer isn't going to know what companies create which anime.

    And Youtube comments in general will always be steeped in ignorance, poor behavior, rage, and greed–and proper grammar and spelling will always be at a premium in the digital world, period. Not much anyone can do about that at this point…

  2. Its the internet. Your never really sure who is behind the keyboard, whether or not there stoned or even what there age is. the is also no real incentive to put effort into being/sounding intelligent. Not to mention most people are either misinformed, ignorant or just plain stupid.

    I accidentally bitch out a 10yo girl on League of legends for feeding once. My friend made it a habit to invite everyone on his friends list when we would start a game. He added his friends little sister as a favor and never told/warned me. That’s the first time I told a 10 yo girl that she needed to go fuck herself, then again… its also the first time a 10 yo girl told me to suck her dick…

    Anyway, the point is…its funny, but you can’t ever take it seriously. Most of the time you just don’t have enough information to make a accurate claim about someones intelligence.

    • Damn, I posted prematurely!!!
      well…it still makes some sense -_- even if it as rough as a carpet of pubic hairs.

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