Eden of the East – Review

Dicks! Dicks everywhere!

I don’t believe that there has ever been a show so obsessed with dick, yet so good as Eden of the East.  Naked dudes in a mall,  dick murderers, streaking through Washington D.C., shrinkage; anything that could possibly apply to penis seems to find it’s way into this show.  But, if you just put its fetish for male genitals in the back of your mind, you’ll find one of, if not the best, anime in the past few years.  Or at least I think so.

To describe what Eden of the East is about would be no fun at all, as the story itself is a kind of mystery/conspiracy tale, so I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible.  Honestly, the best way to see this is watch it without knowing a damn thing about it, like I did when it first aired, but if you must know, here’s a summary.  Twelve random people have been chosen as what are called Seleção.  They receive 10 billion yen and a cellphone that acts as a kind of debit card to these funds.  They are only given a few instructions as to how to use their funds.  Use the money any way you want, if you use it selfishly or you run out you will be eliminated, and to save the world, that’s it.  The series follows one of the Seleção, Akira Takizawa, as he tries to find out about the game, who’s behind it, and how to win it; and Saki Morimi, who is sucked into this whole thing along with Akira.  While the story is very good and exciting, there are some problems within the series itself.  The main series is not the complete story, and is continued through two theatrical movies.  My only problem with this is that the show is only eleven episodes, and the movies could have easily been made into a second season or more episodes, so I don’t have to have three different blu-rays for the same fucking series.  But, other than not enough stuff being explained, and an ending that feels really rushed, I can’t complain about much.  Also, not many of the character beside the main two get any development at all.  I feels like they’re just there to prove that there are other people in this world and not the two main people.

The series artwork is just as good as the rest of the series.  While the backdrops and scenery are very serious and real looking, the character designs looks really lighthearted and whimsical.  Although this seems kind of odd, it’s actually pretty cool, and reminds me of Summer Wars, if you’ve ever seen that.  One thing that really surprised me is that the series actually deals with modern themes, such as terrorism and government conspiracies.  Hell, the twin towers even make an appearance in the series.  The music is great too, and it has one of my favorite openings ever, Falling Down by Oasis.  But for some reason, it’s only on one episode of the English dub, which is retarded, I mean, how could you have the rights to a series but not the fucking opening song, and it’s Oasis wouldn’t it make more sense to have an English song for the English dub?

Whatever, the story and music are great, and the art, if not a little simple at time, if good as well.  The problems lie in the shortness, and rushed ending of the series, that seems to throw everything at you in the last two episodes.

  • Story – 9
  • Art – 9
  • Characters – 8
  • Sound – 10
  • Penis – 11
  • Overall – 10

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  1. When I was watching this, I kept hoping for anything to start making sense. After four or five episodes of nothing making sense, I gave up. =/ I think I asked “Why in the world is he/she doing that?” several times every episode, but these characters were so determined to never explain anything. >=[

    The premise was rather intriguing though, and I liked the “Jason Bourne” feeling to the show. And the OP was really slick, too.

  2. I decided to re-watch this show dubbed. In the past the subbed version never held my interest long enough to ever finish the series. Perhaps the dub will make it a bit easier. It gets annoying to re-watch scenes because you missed something, especially in a story driven anime like this.

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