Astarotte no Omocha – Review

*Insert Pedobear joke here*

Let me start off by asking a perfectly legitimate question: What the fuck was the primary demographic supposed to be for this show?  Is it for Lolicons?  For 10 year old girls?  Only God knows, my friends.

Let me state my case here before I go to far into this.  The basic plot is that succubi have to give head to stay alive, and a ten year old succubus, named Lotte, needs to start her harem and get some man juice or she’ll die, or whatever.  So, going by this plot, you’d expect nothing but a bunch of loli panties and shit right?  Well, no, after it’s established that SHE MUST SUCK DICK, it turns into a fucking children’s show.  Everything is bright, fluffy, colorful; all the stuff you need to hold a five-year-old’s attention.  Yes, because children need to watch shows about a ten year old giving head, yeppers.  I mean, this show is really bipolar; one second it’s Barney with extra sugar, and then it’s some ecchi loli-fest.  Oh, and another thing that’s bullshit; according to the manga, Zelda is seventeen… bullshit.

So as stated before, this anime is about a succubus named Lotte… who is afraid of men.  Oh, get it, cause… succubi… men… sex… whatever, we get the irony.  Also the reason she’s afraid of men is because she was in the bed with her mother when she fucked some guys brains out, I mean Jesus Christ, that’d fuck me up too.  Oh, and it’s Rie Kugimiya , so… yeah, tsundere.  Anyway, a man named Naoya is recruited to come to whatever fantasy land they inhabit to be her first candidate for her harem.  The show then does what is to be expected of it, and Lotte slowly starts to like Noaya more over the course of the series.  Over the course of the show, it’s identity crisis only worsens, and less stuff has any meaning to it.  Noaya also has a daughter, yes a daughter, the same age as Lotte.  Isn’t that nice?  Getting head from someone the same age as your daughter?  After a bunch of generic stuff like making friends and more lolis, a really lame plot device is used to create some supposedly sad moments and that’s it.  The one other thing that really bugged me about this show is not only the fact that Naoya, who is 22 or 23, has a ten-year-old daughter, it’s who her baby momma is.  That plot “twist”, if you want to call it that” made no sense, and was frankly absolutely disgusting.

I don’t really have any real reason to recommend this show to anyone except for pedophiles, but they can burn in hell.  I didn’t hate this show as much as I first thought I would, but maybe that’s because it’s a kids show half the time, or because the plot, while generic, is still kind of different.

  • Story – 5
  • Art – 6
  • Characters – 4
  • Sound – 3
  • Overall – 5

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  1. I like your reviews, I really enjoyed No.6 and started watching Evangelion. I also finished Deadmans Wonderland. I decided to watch this. Loli isn’t exactly my thing but I’m not bothered by it. This reminds me of every other tsundere centered anime.

    If your going to review any more loli I suggest Komodo no Jiken. It may be a loli but at least its has a story that leaves a impression.

    • I’ll check that out, just because a lolicon anime with story sounds unreal.

      • I have alot of mixed feeling about Komodo no Jiken. I’m not sure if I enjoyed the experience for its raw shock value or if I actually liked it for its distorted content.

        I have a friend who watched it with his girlfriend and they both loved it, said they thought it was “really cute” (wtf + rofl x 2?). I have another friend who watched it, he said it was utterly unwatchable and somewhat distasteful. (I know its at least one of those)

        My opinion is so mixed I would have a hard time putting it into words. I would never watch it again, but I feel like I have seen much worse. Its a experience that produced several emotion to say the least…some good, other…well I felt like puking some scenes…they go too far on more than one occasion.

        Hope to read your read your upcoming reviews. ^^

      • Thanks man, glad you like my stuff.

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