No. 6 Episode 1 – First Impressions

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Finally after, like, a month of knowing absolutely nothing about this, other than the name, I finally get some info on this show.  I had (and still have) high hopes for this show, and I’m glad the first episode didn’t disapoint me.

So No. 6 takes place in a Utopian type future with what seems to be a kind of totalitarian government controlling the city, known as No. 6.  The main character so far (I only say that because the two main people in the opening aren’t him) is Shion, an extremely intellectually gifted boy who has just turned twelve years old.  On the night of his birthday a strange boy who calls himself Nezumi (Could be called Mouse or Rat) appears at home with a gunshot wound in his arm.  Shion treats his injury and allows him to stay at his house until he is better. Shion learns that Nezumi is wanted when he sees a police report, and Nezumi tells him that he is on the run from a group of people hunting him.  He also informs Shion that before he escaped he was being brought into No. 6 to the city hall.  The next mourning Nezumi is gone and The Ministry of Peace arrive at Shion’s home.

Let’s go ahead and get the bad out of the way, since there isn’t very much of it.  The one thing that annoyed me was the obnoxious piece of exposition about what No. 6 was; as if the audience is so retarded we NEED someone to hold our hand through everything.   Also what I found kind of odd was that girl pretty much saying “I want to be your baby momma”, I mean, Christ, they’re twelve.  Other than those two small complaints everything else was great.  The animation was amazing, and there were two scenes in particular I thought looked really well done.  The story at present hasn’t really taken off in any direction, and there are a million different ways it could branch off to.  However, wondering about Nezumi and what was going on at the beginning held my interest very well.  The ope  I will definitely watch every episode of this, but that may just be because this type of genre is one of my favorites.


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  1. I’m so looking forward to new episodes >.< Is it just me or is there sort of a gay vibe emanating from episode 2?

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