Kamisama no Memochou Episode 1 – First Impressions

I'm in your mind, solvin ur cases!

Well, I’m already convinced that this will be the best series of this season, but I haven’t seen No. 6, which looks pretty awesome.

This anime follows Narumi, a normal boy who doesn’t really stand out to much and is constantly changing schools.  On the first day of arriving at the town of his new school he is accidentally caught up in, what appears to be, an investigation gone wrong.  However, the people involved in it quickly exit the scene and tell him everything is fine.  At school the next day he meets a girl and befriends her by joining the gardening club, of which she is the only member.  Eventually, she takes him to the shop where she works, where she introduces him to the very same people he met at the investigation scene.  These people are a misfit group of NEETs who quickly drag Narumi into their group by making him deliver some ramen to someone they call Alice.  Alice is pretty much the female incarnation of L, and runs a NEET detective agency with the three other people Narumi met.

The first episode is actually an hour long special (well 45 minuets), and thank God for it.  This gives the episode a lot more time to establish what it’s about, the characters and actually have a complete story arc, unlike most first episodes.  This first case we are shown appears rather simple at first, but as it progresses it gets more complicated and actually had a pretty surprising ending.  I’m very much looking forward to the rest of this series, but maybe because I’ve always loved crime solving stuff; anything from Scooby Doo to Forensic Files, I love that shit.  The NEET angle about it is actually not as big a part of the story as something like N.H.K., but that may just be because these NEETs aren’t simply sitting around being lazy douches; instead they’re actually doing something meaningful and important.  Also, they couldn’t help it, could not help it, they HAD to have an ecchi scene at the end. But it’s forgiven, because it wasn’t that long, and didn’t show too much. Let’s keep it that way.

First Episode up in THIS BITCH


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