Blood-C Episode 1 – First Impressions

Saya, is that you?

Well, I’m glad to see both CLAMP and Production I.G. are continuing their traditions; Production I.G. of having awesome animation, and CLAMP for making characters who look like they’re nine feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds.

So, Blood-C is… somehow… related to Blood+, even though I don’t really see how.  In this series the main character is named Saya, no, not Saya Otonashi from Blood+, but some different Saya.  So, obviously, these two are somehow connected, or they just couldn’t think of another name to give this girl.  This Saya is kind, happy, and generous; all great traits for a vampire who kills the shit out of stuff.  In the first episode, not to much is revealed.  Saya goes to school, comes home, her dad gives her a sword, and she goes and kills a statue that grows praying mantis claws… okay, sure.  The fight scene was pretty bad ass thought, as expected of I.G.; so good even QT knows that he needs em’.

Since this is Blood, I assume it’ll be good, but franchises have proven me wrong before, so I’ll just have to wait and see for this one.

First Episode Link


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  1. Just like Blood+ was a relaunch of Blood: The Last Vampire, I’d say Blood-C is a relaunch as well. A new Saya, a new story.
    So far I’m liking this rendition of Saya. It’s quite different from Blood+, but my curiosity has definitely been piqued.

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