Oreimo (Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)- Review

Given' Asuka a run for her money since '08

Dear anyone who lives in Japan: stop writing such goddamn long names for shit, people are going to shorten it, they always do.  I mean look at The Assassination of Jesse James, that’s not it’s real title is it?  No, it‘s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; but no one wants to say that do they?  Well, anyway this series’ name is Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Ama Wake ga Nai, or literally, My “Little Sister Can’t be this Much of a Bitch”, or at least that’s what it should be.  Actually it’s “My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute”, but seriously she’s one of the biggest bitches ever, maybe worse than Asuka, but not quite.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. With a title like this, you’d expect a lot of h4wt wincest right?  Well, thankfully, it doesn’t, pretty misleading title huh?  This anime follows Kyosuke, some hum drum high school kid, as all anime do.  The basic plot is that he finds out his bitch of a sister, Kirino, who hasn’t spoken a word to him in years, is an Otaku, and promises not to tell anyone.  Obviously because girls in anime can’t be just a bitch, she goes all tsundere and demands he sacrifice his own time to help her with her obsession and not be so alone in her fandom.  But let’s talk about her so-called “fandom”.  She’s basically a twenty-something pedophile guy in a girls body.  She plays incest eroge and watches magical girl shows that appeal only to seven-year-old girls and pedo-fags who have run out of eroge to fap to.  Throughout the series, she makes Kyosuke’s life miserable by making his best friend think he plays eroge, making his dad think he wants to fuck his sister, making her best friend think he is a pervert, and making him go to midnight releases so he can buy her more stuff to fap to.  Why must he do all of this for her you ask?  So she doesn’t look bad in they eyes of anyone, God forbid.  Now you may ask yourself, why are we to sympathize with this character?  AWWWWW, because she doesn’t want to be made fun of for liking anime?  Man the fuck up bitch, everybody who watches anime over the age of thirteen has to go through it, and it hasn’t killed anyone yet.  Secondly, she SHOULD be made fun of (and is by Kuroneko, who comes later) for the fail anime that she does like.

Obvious troll is WIN

But enough with how much of a whiny bitch Kirino is, let’s move on to the other characters, because that’s what this whole series is really about.  When Kyosuke is first asked for help by Kirino, he suggests she join an IRL meet-up anime club thing.  At this meeting she meets our two other main characters Saori and Kuroneko.  Saori is the head of the meet-up, and pretty much an anime hippy; she wan’t everybody to get along, be friends, wear flowers and smoke a joint.  No, not really, but can YOU think of any other reason she wears those glasses?  The other girl is Ruri (Actually, I don’t even remember if they ever say her real name in the series), but goes by Kuroneko.  She is quite possibly the most win female character in anime of the past decade.  At first she talks and acts as if she were a character in an anime, however the way she does seems almost in a meta-humorous way, obviously not like she believes it.  Her taste in anime is the complete opposite of Kirino’s; she would rather have dark, dreary Gothic style stuff. filled with in-depth mythos and ish.  However, it’s kind of to the point of hipster levels; “Oh, I’m so much more deep and intelligent than you, thinks must be long and drawn out, must be different”.  This is kind of annoying, but both Kirino and Kuroneko are just meant to represent opposite ends of the anime fan spectrum, so It’s excusable.  Also, Kuroneko is and IRL troll, which can only be understood by watching the show.

So what’s the bottom line, what’s the story morning glory?  Well, surprisingly, it ISN’T about wincest, panties, and ecchiness; once again, could have fooled me.  Honestly, I can only recall one ecchi scene in the whole series, which may have just been a meta-joke, but it’s early and it’s short.  The series is really just about how the world treats people who are fans of anime, and how people who aren’t part of the world of anime fandom can become accepting of it.  Over the course of the series, Kyosuke becomes more understanding of otaku, and why these people who seemed crazy to him at first, are actually really normal people.  Though you could take this as the author saying “Goddamnit! Stop making fun of us! See? SEE?!? We aren’t that bad”.  But I’ve always said you don’t have be so obnoxious about it; like anime all the fuck you want, God knows I do.  But you don’t have to be such a douche about, for Christ sake, just calm the fuck down about it.  But, I guess you can’t change who people are, or what they’re passionate about, another point this show makes; people  are who they are, leave them the fuck alone.

In conclusion, the quality of this show was a complete surprise to me, it had a point, fun characters, and wasn’t ecchi, even if some stupid shit did happen.  BUT, the one inexcusable thing about this show is how much of a motherfucking bitch Kirino is.  I know the horse that I’m beating has been cut in half, ran over with a steam roller, and picked to the bone by buzzards, but her bitchiness is just absolutely unbelievable.  If I would have been that bitch’s brother I would have let her ass have it and that party at the end, I would disown that bitch, I would have dropped more F-bombs than the combined stockpiles of nukes owned America and Russia during the Cold War, I would make burn her closet of anime shit, tie her to a chair, cut her ear off, pour gasoline on her and burn that bitch.  Call me Mr. Blonde motherfuckers, but I just couldn’t take her.  And IMHO the supposed reconciliation between Kyosuke and Kirino is complete bullshit, there’s no way he would accept that apology.

  • Story – 8
  • Art – 7
  • Characters – 7
  • Sound – 5
  • Overall – 7

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