Stupid Shit in Anime – Code Geass

Problem, plausibility?

I may be stepping on a few toes here, but I really don’t think Code Geass is as good as everybody makes it out to be.  I think my main issue may be with the fans, and how much people will follow this show into the dark, and not even recognize it’s completely stupid moments.  Case in point; the episode called “The Stolen Mask” from the first season.  I can’t tell you how much this episode pissed me off, and how much I wanted to go and kill the first fifty cats I could find.  If case you forgot (but how the fuck could you) this episode involves a god damn, shit suckin’, mother fuckin’ cat that steals Lelouche’s Zero mask, and him trying to catch it.  Do you really need a reason to hate this?  I mean, Christ, this goes on for the WHOLE episode, it’s boring, and it’s not funny.  Seriously, did the writer think people would actually be afraid that Lelouche would be found out by anyone, was this really so important that we had to watch a whole episode about it.  Some might say it does have a point, because the uppity pretentious brit-fags accept Suzaku because he saves the damn cat, but surely there was a better way to do it than this.


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  1. LOL! I think that might have been the episode where I gave up on the series. The premise for the show sounded really cool, but then it turned out to be really random, and have 740 characters, and about 28 new melodramatic subplots appearing every episode. =P
    Perhaps if they just focused on the whole rebelling against the empire theme, it would have been pretty good. But half the time the show was more concerned with slice of life and fanservice. >_>

    • You are incorrect and need to watch the series more carefully.

      • Fake God Exterminator

        You are the incorrect one, now YOU go watch the series more carefully. What the poster wrote actually is true.

        P.S you aren’t God so NEVER use his name again.

  2. Actually, this was a reasonably funny episode in my opinion. Not tremendously so, but it still made me chuckle a bit.

    Yes, it’s admittedly a ridiculous scenario, but I don’t think that means I have to automatically hate such a thing.

    I also didn’t think the show became hard to follow at this point, so Cholisose’s exaggerated complaints just make me shrug.

  3. fuck code geass for plagiarism

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