Stupid Shit in Anime – To Aru Majutsu no Index

Eardrums grow back… right?

Well let’s not kid ourselves here folks, this whole series (both seasons) is pretty  ridiculous and outlandish, but hey, that’s the world that it’s fiction established, so it’s fine by me.  However there is one moment in the second season that had me confused as to whether I should laugh or be creeped out.  This moment happens at the end of episode four of the second season, “Voice of the Demon Killer (Sheol Fear)”.  To start off with, this episode is pretty ridiculous in-and-of itself.  I mean it’s got a bunch of stuff about Angelic and Catholic churches fighting, killer zombie nuns, and other odd things.  However the one moment that I found just too stupid, and almost laughable, happens at the very end of the episode.  Index uses some uber opera singing magic called Sheol Fear to paralyze all of the killer zombie nuns, but their leader does something and makes all of the nuns STAB THEMSELVES IN THEIR EARS WITH INK PENS SO THEY WON’T BE EFFECTED BY THE SONG.  I mean, where do they even get these pens?  Do nuns just walk around carrying ink pens?  But if that’s the case, they would need ink to even use them, so do they carry those too?  Or were they just given to the zombie nuns, because the leader-girl knew index would use the singing thing-a-ma-shit?  Who the fuck knows?  All I know is that I laughed my ass of at this scene, but then felt like maybe I shouldn’t have; that is was supposed to be dramatic.  But, come on, can you blame me for laughing at zombie nuns stabbing themselves in the ears so they didn’t have to listen to Index’s shitty singing?  No? Didn’t think so.


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