Stupid Shit in Anime – Samurai Champloo

Did you not READ the bullshit notice?

Now, I in NO WAY want to criticize Samurai Champloo for anything, as it is one of the most kickass (as well as one of my favorite) animes ever.  However, there is ONE episode of this series that, to this day, brings my piss to a boil.  This episode, known as either “Cosmic Collisions” or “Anger Shot Toward Heaven” ,takes place rather late in the series, only one episode shy of the final story arc.  In this episode Mugen, Fuu, and Jin fall into a mine shaft and meet it’s strange leader, who is searching for the treasure of his ancestors.  However, when Fuu overhears two of the workers talking about events that took place hundreds of years in the past as if they were current events, she suspects something is amiss.  Not to spoil anything, but it turns out this mine shaft is somehow stuck in some alternate reality where time moves at a snails pace because all of the workers eat some plant or something, I don’t know, but it turns out everyone’s a zombie or something, the dude isn’t really an ancestor of the owners of the treasure, something blows up and a giant mushroom cloud forms; end of the episode.  Honestly, there is no way to describe how stupid and pointless this episode is, and it’s made even stupider by the fact that it was probably just a hallucination caused by Mugen and Jin eating some mushrooms in the beginning of the episode.  But that doesn’t excuse this episode, it’s never spoken of again, and it happens right before the final of the series, and that is why I can’t forgive it for being so damn stupid.


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  1. I completely agree with you this episode was completely pointless. I really do wish samurai champloo would come out with another season because it was so damn good! If you know any animes similar to this one please let me know!

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