Durarara!! to air next Saturday, June 25, on Adult Swim

Thank God! The saviors of the world!

Yes everybody, Kekkaishi has FINALLY ended its run on Adult Swim, and I know everybody couldn’t be happier, because whether you liked it or not, it sucked balls.  So now comes it’s replacement, Durarara!!, an anime which many people know and love, although I have only seen about three episodes of it myself.  However, what I did see I really liked, and for whatever reason I stopped watching it.  Maybe this is a step in the right direction for anime on Adult Swim, as they’ve changed to only showing one episode of Bleach instead of two, and have completely taken out their other shitty shounen show, Kekkaishi.  Maybe this will be the new norm of Adult Swim now; who knows, maybe we’ll see Eden of the East sometime, but for now, this is enough for me.  Durarara, FMA, FLCL, Bebop… what more could you ask for? (Maybe Champloo?)


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  1. BLeach and durarara are the coolest shows I watched well that and rosario+vampire

    Most coolest anime ever:)

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