Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Review

Say "Cousin" again, I double dare ya mother fucker!"

There is a certain anime every year that has potential to be something pretty unique, to stand out from the crowd and to actually prove a point.  This year this honor goes to Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, but unfortunately this award also means plenty of mediocrity.  This anime actually had a pretty good chance coming in, as anything that shaft animates is going to be beautiful, but in terms of it’s story… well that’s something else.  It’s like the show is walking down a path paved with an actual point, but then it sees and exit sign to all the generic harem things it could be doing and unfortunately follows its own whims instead of trying to be something different.

The story follow a boy named Makota, as he moves to live with his nympho aunt, Meme, and his h4w7 cousin, Erio.  However, his cousin is convinced that she is an alien, and spends her days walking around with a futon rolled around her, eating pizza, and being weird.  The story actually begins to have a point a few episodes into the series when Makota proves to Erio she is not an alien by showing her she cannot fly.  Erio slowly begins to become  more normal and tries to reintegrate into society.

This however is where the story falls flat.  We’re told that Erio has lost her memories and has used her “alien” facade to try to cope with her loss.  This is actually a pretty good psychological and social story, as Erio has lied to herself simply to find comfort, and Makoto’s schoolmates and other towns people seeing Erio as a freak for how she has acted.  Basically it’s a kind of social satire (I’ll tell you why “kind of” in a second) that addresses the issue of how biased and how concerned the youth of today are about their social standing.  At one point Makoto’s freind, Ryuko, states that he shouldn’t hang around Erio, because if people found out  that he was he would more than likely be outcast at school.  She even goes so far as to not want to hang out with her at all, and that if Erio was in trouble, she more than likely not come to her aid.  This all seems like a good idea, a story with a point, right?  Well, no, because it completely deviates from this storyline, in favor of normal harem things, like going to the beach, and having girls in the male leads home, and so forth.  Although bits of Erio’s scoial struggle are put into the mix, her plot feels really forced into the story.  This isn’t made any better by the aunt, the cosplay girl, and the jealous one each who have their own junk to take time away from the plot.

Mother may I?

There are three other main characters in this series.  Meme is Makoto’s sex derpived aunt who’s supposed to be forty. But seriously, if you think she looks any older than twenty-five, you’re full of it.  Also we have Ryuko, who is essentially as tusndere without the tsun; she’s like a rabbit on speed, always talking fast and making jokes that I don’t understand, but it’s probably just a cultural thing.  However, I will forgive her for one thing, and that is that she isn’t completely bland, as shown through her relationship with Makoto.  She clearly has feelings for him, but either because she doesn’t realize them, or she has never had them before, her emotions are rather unexplainable, even to her.  She finds herself getting jealous of Maekawa and Erio simply because they are close to him, and trying to force activities with him.  The final of Makoto’s four slam pieces is a girl named Maekawa, with no last name given for whatever reason.  She is also a pretty unique character; she’s intelligent, funny, and very aware of what’s going on around her.  To me she is the most enjoyable of the girls, because she actually gets to the point and says what needs to be said, unlike Makoto and Ryuko.  The only downfall of the characterss is Makoto himself, and how lame and generic he is.  Maybe he’s not that bad, but when surrounded by other people who are actually interesting, it kind of makes you dislike him.

In conclusion, this show really disappointed me, not because I had any prestablished  expectations of it, but because it actually had something different and unique to it.  Unfortunately, it gave up on this idea, and focuses more on Makoto, Ryuko, and Maekawa instead of on Erio where the focus should have been kept.  Obviously, because it is Shaft it has good artwork, and a good style, but that just only makes you wish the rest was that good as well.

  • Story – 8 down to a 5
  • Art – 8
  • Characters – 7
  • Sound – 6
  • Overall – 6.5


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