Stupid Shit in Anime – Evangelion

No, you can't touch the carpet, It's lava!

There’s plenty of stupid shit that confused me in Evangelion, (not the mindfuck parts) like how Asuka has boxes of stuff to the roof of Misato’s apartment, yet after they’re unpacked, she doesn’t have nearly enough stuff in her room that would have filled up a single one of those boxes.  I also hated how they would always give Shinji, Asuka, and Rei guns to fight the angels, but they would always end up killing them with the knife thing; I mean how long does it take to realize that guns WON’T PENETRATE THE AT FIELD?

Anyway, in my opinion the most unbelievable part of the whole series is the episode called “Magmadiver”.  In this episode there’s an angel deep underground surrounded by magama, and Asuka must put on a special thermal suit, and have her Eva outfitted with another thermal suit, obviously so she doesn’t die from the heat.  However, something goes wrong and the angel acts like NERV didn’t expect, and Shinji jumps in to save Asuka.  Now this may sound normal, however, Shinji NEVER put on any kind of special suit or have his Eva outfitted with anything.  Even as a kid I was baffled by this; How did he get down there so fast? How has his skin not melted off his body?  Was it because of Unit 01? No, it was because Gainax didn’t think anybody would care about it, because in the end Shinji saved Asuka.  Well, I cared about it, it made no sense then, and it makes no sense now.


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