Memories of Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki)

Anybody who knows the least little bit about anime will (or should) know about Studio Ghibli.  At this point there’s no reason to

1) See image 2) Revert to 7 years of age

discuss why this studio’s movies, namely Miyazaki’s , are so amazing and are so well received across the world.  They’re absolutely gorgeous, have amazing worlds and mythologies to go along with them, good stories (for the most part), and they have an uncanny ability to automatically revert you into a child as soon as you see that big blue cat thing.

When I was very young, possibly around six or seven, there was a video store in are town (which I can’t remember the name of, but it had a big clown on it) and my sister and I would drag our mom there all the time.  Almost every time we went to this movie store we would immediately check to see if a certain movie had been rented  from this store.  This movie was a strange movie called Kiki’s Delivery Service.  It had animation that was not available in any other movies of our time, and a brought a strange sense of amazement to us.  I loved this movie so much that I didn’t even care that watching a movie about a 13 year old witch girl went against every feeling in my oh-so-manly seven year old self, it was that amazing.  Several years passed and the store soon closed (ran out of business by Blockbuster, ironic huh?) and I was never to see a movie of such beauty and wonder again… or was I?  It was not until years later until I saw Miyazaki’s magnum opus known as Spirited Away.  Once again when I saw this (this time in a theater) I was amazed beyond words.  The movie was so unique, so different from anything else I had ever seen, and slowly my mind drifted back to Kiki.  I remember  thinking how similar the two movies looked, and how they bore some resemblance to some of the movies I’d seen on Toonami.  I believe it was at this time, about age 11, that I began to discover that there was more anime than what was shown on Toonami.  And, upon my use of some newfangled do-hicky know as “the internet” I began to discover that there were many more movies by the same man that mad two of my favorites, and that anime shows were a dime a dozen.  Immediately I began to search any video store I could find for these movies or shows, and continued to feed my growing nerd-ness.  Then the “Month of Miyazaki” oh God, I remember that month.  It allowed me to see so many of the movies I had missed out on such as Castle in the Sky and Nausicaä.  Still to this day I adore these movies, they turn me into a child the second I look at a single scene fro one of them, and Kiki and Spirited Away are two of my favorite animated movies of all time (Spirited Away and Secret of Nimh are in a deadlock for number 1)


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  1. Your post made me feel very nice… I am a sentimental one and loved it! The feeling… I could sense it. And the story about the Miyazaki month – great idea to put it there.

    Oh, and there are ome news about Ghibli’s 13 movies being redistributed in North America:

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