Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – Review



Holy fucking shit, we’re in it now bitch, we’ve entered into the fucking catacombs of hell itself… no worse than that even, we’ve entered one of the most generic animes ever to be conceived by a human being, if you could even call the motherfucker who made this shit a human.  Honestly if the son of a bitch who made this were in front of me right now, I would tear his mutha fuckin ass limb from limb. I would spend half of my life savings to recreate that torture scene in Law Abiding Citizen, and the other half to buy a Delorian, some plutonium, and a fulx-compaciter, just to do it all again.  I don’t understand how shit like this can exist; I mean, are the Japanese really this brain dead and sexually deprived that they must constantly have the same rehashed shit fed to them over and over again, but with different faces (well, not really different) to jerk off to?  This must be the reason, so much of these shitty H-games exist, because it takes no effort to create them, send some douche to a town he hasn’t been to since he was a kid, give him a bunch of boobs with faces who somehow remember him from the past, but he doesn’t, and sell to all the horny 14-16 year-old boys of the world.  Watching this as long as I have has been one of the worst experiences of my entire life.  Every 20 seconds I had to remove more and more of my kitchen utensils from the house to remove any method of suicide, hell, I even threw away my bigass antifreeze drum I got at Costco.  It was terrible, horrific, mortifying, abysmal, one of the worst excuses for entertainment I’ve ever experienced and the worst part is… there are billions upon billion of series and games just like this.

Aw, are you butthurt yet?  Did I make fun of your fucking waifu? Trust me you fucking weeaboos, I couldn’t give less of a shit it I had my rectum pumped; In fact people that like this deserve to be butthurt, because they aren’t human, they’re monsters.

Thank fuckin' Lord...

So what could this anime be about you ask?  Well you have your lead guy, we’ll call him… Generic Harem Lead, so Generic Harem Lead, along with his kawaii~desu little shotacon bitch of a brother,  moves to a town in the countryside that he hasn’t been to since he was a kid.  Oh, now we see where Generic Harem Lead gets his name, it’s because the main story is so generic.  So he has a romantic encounter with Generic Boobed Bimbo, who is now automatically infatuated with Generic Harem Lead, but Generic Tsundere won’t stand for this!  Along their way to the Kingdom of Genericness, they meet the classic harem characters: Generic Sexually Involved Male Best Friend, Generic Older Sister Character, Generic Shy Girl, Generic Serious Girl, and so on.  They go about their daily lives getting involved in HILARIOUS (sarcasm? oh, no, I’m completely seriously) situations, and have lots of fun being generic together.

Well, enough with my OBVIOUS overreacting, I mean seriously, get the fuck over it, it’s all a  joke.  But just because it is a joke, doesn’t mean that it isn’t complete and total bullfuck.  The animation is… is… well it’s animated, that’s about it, nothing special. No music to speak of, characters are shit, story is shit, boring as fuck.  There is absolutely nothing entertaining, it’s not funny, and it’s not anything you haven’t seen 458,902,475,098,432,750,246,503,246,758,204 times before. So that’s about all you need to know. It’s bullshit, end of story.  Oh, and the only way I will ever change my opinion of this is if it pulls a School Days, which it won’t, so looks like I’m sticking to my story.

  • Story – lol
  • Art – LOL
  • Characters – LOLOLOLOL
  • Sound – Holy Shit, you’re killin’ me man! LOLOLOL
  • Overall – Negative OVER 9000!!!!

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  1. Lol, yeah I didn’t like this show much either.

  2. tehNiggaInTehCrib

    “Rectum pumped”, hahaha! XD

    I’m glad this show exists. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to read such an explosively fun article!

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