Aria the Scarlett Ammo – Review

Maybe someday she'll actually use the guns...

Damn, It just seems Rie can’t get a break from work can she?  I mean, Christ, she’s in THREE series that are airing right now, and not just in them, she’s a major character in each of them, and in two of them (although I guess Kagura could kind of be one) she’s doing what everybody in the universe expects her to do; be a tsundere.  Quite honestly, I can’t think of any way to describe how bleh this show is, I mean this show takes the cake in terms of genericness for this season, (except another which is the absolute epitome of the word, which I’ll get to later) I mean it pukes lameness and stupidity at every turn, and sometimes watching it can be just excruciating.

So what’s the story you ask?  A bitchy euro-fag desperately wants to set her mother free from prison for a crime she didn’t commit, but in order to do so, she must enlist the help of some crazy dude who goes Super Saiyan when he wants some vag, and his boob-tastic childhood friend who would be more than happy to give him some if he wan’t such a generic dense ecchi lead.   So the basic story isn’t anything exciting and all of said characters perform exactly as you would expect, but you would say “Hey, it’s got guns right? That’s kind of different.”

Well, no, it makes it even stupider and gayer than if it didn’t have this whole police thing going on.  The main characters in this anime are what is called Butei, except for Boobgirl, who is a Choutei (which is pretty much a superhero for all practical purposes).  Butei are pretty much like 15 year old police people, which seems like a great idea right?  Give a bunch of teenagers guns, swords, knifes, etc. and tell them to catch criminals, genius eh?  So once again you may say to yourself: “Hey guns are cool! Cowboy Bebop is cool, Gunslinger Girl is cool, Black Lagoon is cool!”  Well, yeah they are, but they’re quite different in that the characters in those shows actually use said guns, not like this shit here.  I mean in the entire series no one has died, and that’s just bullshit.  The only time I can actually recall people shooting, is at robots, one time on a plane at POINT BLANK (but oh, they have bulletproof vests) and some sniper chick who’s name I can’t remember, but she might as well be called Rei 2.0.  I think this is my main problem with this show, I mean, I can’t say I expected much from the story or characters, but I at least wanted some shootouts or action.  Honestly, the biggest scenes in this show are as followed; a bike hijacking, a plane hijacking, a bus hijacking, and a fight with some demon thing who actually turned out to be Yuu from Kore wa Zombie.  Each and every one of these scenes sucked more, and was stupider than the last.  And so much unexplained shit; “I’m a descendant of Lupin, I can do shit with my hair!” … okay… could you possibly explain this?  Oh, you’re not going to explain how this works?  Fine, fuck you.

Every episode of this shit is an endurance run to see how long I can hold out.  If it’s not the lack of action, it’s the characters, if it’s not the characters, it’s the stupid ecchi scenes, I just can’t get a break.  If I could say anything good for this show it’s that it isn’t completely boring, if only for how stupid and unbelievable the situations get, and the ridiculous answers to the situation.

Story – 5

Art – 6

Sound – 3

Character – There were characters?

Overall –  5


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