Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Review


Damn, did they delay the finale of this enough?  I guess I could forgive them if the end was better than it was, but that comes later.

Now, I personally have a very strong antipathy towards magical girl anime, because they’re gayer than the Flipping Out guy.  I mean, let’s take a look at some of the most recent anime in this genre; Shugo Chara, Lilpri, Jewelpet, Precure, I mean, fuck, enough gay there?  Well, whatever, normally every magical girl thing sucks, so I was expecting to hate this a lot, and at first didn’t really care for it much.  However, I try to watch at least 3 episodes of something before I completely drop it, and I’m damn glad I took that rule up.  Obviously, if you’ve seen this series, you know what happens in episode 3, and it honestly  surprised the hell out of me.  Very quickly this turns from your standard “defeat demons” thing into something a lot darker, which seems rather odd for an anime that looks like a spin-off of Hidamri Sketch, but I’m DEFIANTLY not complaing, even if lots of other weeaboo-fags wanted everyone to be shiny happy people.

Like every other magical girl anime in existence the main story involves a bunch of young girls who become said magical girls and kill monsters to save their cities or whatever.  Same principals apply here, but it changes very quickly into something different, can’t spoil what though.  Anyway, Kyubey (or Kuybei, you purists), quite possibly the most BAMF kawaii-desu~ cat-thing in existance grants girls powers in exchange for a wish.  He approaches two of the main girls, Madoka and Sayaka, with this offer but are strongly cautioned against it by another girl named Homura, for reasons yet to be stated.  The rest of the series shows what the Girls become if they accept the conditions and what could happen to them.

As stated before, the character designs look like Hidamri Sketch people, but thats not that big a problem, because of all the crazy

The artist like to show the source of their inspiration for the witch worlds in the background

stuff in the places where the monsters, called Witches here, reside.  There’s some trippy shit in these scenes, sometimes it’s like a paper mosaic, or crazy shapes and colors, but it’s always really fucking weird, which is why it’s awesome.  The Witches themselves are pretty freaky too; they don’t really have definite bodies, at least not that I could tell, and they look like a something you’d dream up on an acid trip.

Although I did thing the ending was kind of lame and a little too sappy for how dark it was for the most part, that doesn’t change my opinion of this anime at all.  It was very refreshing to see something that wasn’t the same old formula all over again, as well as some cool artwork.

  • Story – 8
  • Art – 9
  • Sound – 7
  • Characters – 8
  • Overall – 8

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