Neon Genesis Evangelion – Review

Bitch, Pussy, MILF

Quite honestly, there is no way to begin this review.  If you haven’t heard of Evangelion, even if you don’t like anime, you’ve probably been frozen in carbonite for the past 15 years or so.  Evangelion has become a staple of the anime world, and is the poster-child for everything good (as well as wrong) with anime. It DEFINES the genres of sci-fi and psychological, and in many ways brought them to the fore-front of Japanese entertainment.  While most every one who has ever watched it will praise everything it touches, there are still many people who hate it out of spite, or just because the ending pissed them off really bad.  Whatever your reason for liking or hating Eva, no one can deny the monumental hold it had over the industry back in ’95 and has to this day.

Explaining the plot of this series is almost pointless.  Most everyone and their mother has seen it and if you haven’t, then the less you know about the plot the better. However, I’ll just give a brief summary: An emo kid what has daddy issues gets called by said daddy.  Instead of wanting to make nice with his son, the father simply needs him as a pilot to a new type of military weapon: the Evangelions.  Emo agrees to use it, because he’s a spineless pussy, and spends the course of the series using his new bio-mecha-thing to kill Angels, fucking atheist.  That’s as much as anyone can say about it without spoiling it.  While it’d be easy to think that this is another normal mecha anime from the first half of the series, you soon find out it isn’t anything like you’d expect it to be.

No matter what anyone ever says, Eva is more of a character piece than anything else,  and also deals with humanity as a whole.  The main character is Shinji Ikari, the biggest pussy on the entire planet, but hey I don’t think I’d be much of a happy camper if my mom died and my douchebag dad sent me away. Shinji’s withdrawn nature and lack of self esteem are one of the main focuses later on in the series, and while he may seem noble and kind, you’ll come to see that he has some pretty pathetic motives for piloting his Eva and for trying to help everyone.  Throughout the series he becomes less of loner and makes friends with is class mates and fellow pilots Rei, and German Bitch, I mean Asuka.  Although Shinji will annoy you at first, you’ll come to understand him as the series goes on.

Asuka, on the other hand, is a double-edged sword of a character.  She is a complete and total bitch, but like Shinji, who is a complete and total emo, you can completely understand her reasoning behind the way she acts.  However, also like Shinji, just because her actions are understandable it doesn’t make them any less annoying.  She’s an asshole to everyone and never really gets better throughout the show; rather, she gets worse.  But the reason she deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity is because of the tsundere apocalypse which she brought upon the world.  Every tsundere in the world of anime is essentially modeled after her, and quite frankly are getting pretty damn annoying.  I’m desperately sick of this annoying character type and how it’s become a kind of cop-out way to show that characters issues.

Worse than Hitler

The actual “story” in Evangelion isn’t really anything special; basic save the world stuff. But it’s real story is  everything underneath, such as the characters and the philosophy.  The artwork to this day is very nice even if it does look dated and you can see how much effort was put into all the little details of the series.  But because Gainax hires ten-year-olds to manage their budget, animation kind of sucks in a lot of parts in the show, such as the infamous scene in episode 24 that honestly lasts about three minuets.    Also it should be stated how milked this series is, my God is it milked.

Lets see, original series, manga, End of Evanglion, Death and Rebirth, Evangelion: Death (true), Revival of Evangelion, Evangelion 1.0, Evangelion 2.0, Evangelion 3.0 , Evangelion: Final, I mean Jesus you think that’s enough Gainax? Not to mention the ungodly amount of  merchandise, the rumored live-action movie, and the Evangelion Hotel. Even with the massive amount of milk being pumped from the utter of Evangelion, it’s still an amazing series, and all of the movies (even if they are just the series remade) are very well made as well.

  • Story – 10
  • Art – 9
  • Sound – 9
  • Characters – 10
  • Overall – 10

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  1. Sorry, but shinji is still a bitch till the end.

  2. i kno adam is the first human but also adam was first written plural in hebrew meaning there was more than one. The word adam could be written singular and plural and was written plural first…I believe Blavatsky says they (adam) were not ordinary humans at first but sort of like angels. They helped create the rest of the animals and plants on earth.

  3. the philosophy theology behind this series is what makes it amazing because its supa deep.

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