Deadman Wonderland Episode 1 – First Impressions

Bring a testosterone IV

Bring your own testosterone so you dont have to pay those bullshit theme park prices

AW HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL YEEEAAAAH.  Holy fuck, I needed a testosterone IV after watching the first episode, been a while since I could say that.  So, Deadman Wounderland is about Ganta, the unluckiest son of a bitch in the entire universe; not only does his entire class get murdered in front of him, he’s convicted of the crime and sent to Deadman Wonderland, a theme park that uses prisoners as employees and attractions.  When he gets there he meets a warden who’s a bigger douche than the one in Cool Hand Luke, and another C.C. wannabe named Shino (lookin at you too Erio), who wears C.C.’s white jumpsuit, but with a bunch of red circles on it.  Ganta must now follow the rules of this messed up place if he wishes to live and prove his innocence.

Firstly, I just wanted to say that even though his conviction was obviously staged, it was still complete bullshit.  Surely some one saw the pictures of the crime scene – entire exterior wall blown out, blood on THE FUCKING CEILING, heads cut off – and said, “There’s absolutely no way one kid could’ve done this, other classes would’ve heard, he’d have been quickly overpowered….”.  But no, can’t think for ourselves can we? And you could argue about that fake tape, but keep in mind, that was after his conviction.  This whole episode should have been the trial, because I would’ve loved to see what rediculous evidence the writer could’ve come up with for me to say, “Yeah, that could convict an innocent kid”, but nope that’s not what we get, probably because no one could think of any good evidence.  Anyway, this was really kickass; blood, gore, violence abound, and I’m glad to see something hardcore in the midst of all the Narutos and Bleaches out there.  Will definitely watch to see the anime adaptation, even though I’ve read the manga.

Also the “candy” thing is what death row inmates need to stay alive.  The collars of prisoners on death row periodically send a poison throughout their body, and can only be stopped by eating a special kind of candy every so-often.  This candy can only be obtained by cast points, which are obtained by participating in dangerous prison games.


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  1. tehNiggaInTehCrib

    Apparently that candy tastes like balls. Not just balls, but balls drenched from the sweat of a hobo’s ass juice in mid summer.

    So again, why even try to stay alive? Ah that’s right, to show us some gorgeous splashes of that tasteful, classy ketchup.

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