Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Episode 1 – First Impressions


yes pl0x

Dear everyone: someone come up with a shorter name for this ASAP.  Finally, we get to the Shaft anime of the year, who have instilled uber high expectations in me since I saw Madoka.  Anyways, Denpa Onna is about a high school boy (originality points) who goes to live with his aunt because his parents don’t give a damn about him anymore; not really, they’re just “away on business a lot” sure.  So, guy’s flipping out because, obviously, he wants to bone something, and believes his odds will be a lot better in a larger city than in whatever backwoods country town he came from.  He meets his aunt and is all “Damn, bitch is fine, too bad she’s my aunt”.  They go home where he encounters a blue-haired C.C. (talks in a very annoying to decipher way, and eats pizza) rolled up in a futon.  Aunt, still has remorse about not getting an abortion or whatever, so she ignores C.C. the whole time and tells Makoto to do the same, but obviously we wouldn’t have much of a story if he did.  He finally gets this tazzy crazy girl to take of her wrapping on their way to a supermarket, where she (very wordily) tells him, she’s an alien who has come to monitor the something or other, and the earth is being targeted… by what?!?!?! who knows?

I’ve read the first volume of the novel, so not much of the story will come as a surprise to me for a while, however, I’ve always enjoyed Shafts animation and artwork.  I’ll almost definitely watch this whole thing, just because I know a little about it already.  Hopefully, the story will actually progress somewhere quickly unlike in the novel where they pretty much do a bunch or random ish for God knows how long.  As always, there’s not really too much to say about the first episode, because more often than not nothing ever really happens, other than introducing characters and the like.

Oh, and that vest was GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for reals.


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