A Channel Episode 1 – First Impressions


Well, there are just TOO many Lucky Star jokes to make, but I’ll start off by saying that are the yuri-fags who would’ve payed thousands of dollars to see KonataXKagami will probably cream their pants when they watch this… because one of the main girls is a RAGING lesbian.  This is a school-girl slice-of-life dime-a-dozen anime, and it doesn’t do too much to change the genre at all, and quite frankly isn’t that funny (but hey, Lucky Star sucked the first few episodes). The main characters are Toruu (Konata), Nagi (Kagami), Yuuko (Miyuki), and Run (Tsukasa), and yes, for the most part, they all behave the way that their respective LS counterpart does, except Nagi isn’t a tsundere.  The basic story is that Tooru is such a lesbian, and wants to scissor with Run so bad, that she transfers to her high school, wards off potential male suiters with a bat, and wants to kill Yuuko because her boobs are bigger.  Also, one thing I noticed is that their homeroom teacher looks like a female Protector from Etrian Odyssey, and that girl that sits beside Run (not Nagi) has Brock eyes, which was probably the only thing I thought was funny throughout the whole first episode.  To be honest not much happened in the first episode, except that Tooru doesn’t hate the other girls as much, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be too upset if they died in a car crash.  Wasn’t too funny, Opening was meh, and Run borders on mental retardation for reals.  But, I gave Lucky Star a chance, and I ended up not hating it as much as I thought I would, so I guess it’s only fair to do the same for this anime.



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