Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Epidose 1 – First Impressions

And these are just from the first part

So, the time comes for the inevitable first harem anime of the season, but if keeping up with a giant cast of girls and distinguishing them form the billions of other girls in their archetype isn’t hard enough for you, try to keep up with THREE groups.  That’s right folks, this anime has three separate arcs happening at the same time, each with their own separate male lead. The first is about Haneda Takashi, a high school boy with a bunch of girls that want to bone him, including his sister (damn, and I was saving my incest anime for Denpa Onna). The second follows Shuusuke, a college guy who desperately want’s to get laid, and spends his whole section of the first episode trying to find a reason to have a drinking party. The final part is about Hayato some twenty year old dude who spends his time asking around for random jobs and talking to a black man and a British goth loli. Apparently, all these stories are supposed to somehow come together at the end of the series, but I honestly don’t think I have a big enough attention span to follow three series within another series. Animation is on par with your standard harem nowadays, so don’t expect anything special


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