Steins;Gate Episode 1 – First Impressions

1.21 Jigawatts?!?!?1

Witness Mindfuck HERE

Well, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Chaos;Head, but the first episode of Steins;Gate is hella confusing. Like Chaos;Head, this anime starts off with some characters you don’t know, some news-worthy event happens and someone dies. Basically, the whole first episode is a setup for  the “text message to the past” hook of Steins;Gate, and it works quite well; In my opinion being confused about the first few episodes just makes it more interesting, and is a much better way to introduce a plot that the standard “here’s what’s happening” way. The first episode follow the main character (God knows what his real name is, they call him Okarin) as he attends a seminar on time travel. While there he meets a girl who claims he tried to tell her something a little while ago, though he can’t remember even meeting her. Later he hears a noise coming from the floors above him and discovers her stabbed to death on the eighth floor. Mindfuck then ensues and she’s alive at the end again, presumably because he (unknowingly) sent a text to the past to his friend saying she had been killed.  One thing that deserves to be stated is the use of lighting in this anime; everything is very over or under-saturated with light, and it creates a kind of mysterious atmosphere. No opening and ending themes so far, and, personally, I hope it stays that way.


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